Top 10 Best Waiting Room Chairs of 2020 Review

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Waiting room is one of the mandatory one in any office, buildings or any workstations, to make your clients or guest wait. We all might have known the proverb, face is the index of the mind, similarly waiting rooms serve as the index of any growing organization. So, having a waiting room in professional look is vital.  Selecting the best waiting room chair is a simple task and here is a complete guide to help you on choosing the best waiting room chairs.

Flash Furniture BT-516-1-VINYL-GG Steel Side Chair
  • Durable
  • Curved arms
  • Contoured seat
  • Contemporary style
  • Black vinyl Upholstery

Need of a waiting room with chair

It is important to know the need of a waiting chair for your room because this will help you to select a better chair from the market. Whenever any higher officials visit your office, you will make them rest in a waiting room. During this time, these officials will have a look at your companies atmosphere, infrastructure and all other things from the waiting room itself. They will be able to conclude everything from the look of waiting room , so it is important to have an waiting room that looks professional. 

In order to make this waiting room attractive, various interior decorations are needed. One among them is the waiting room chairs. These chairs should be selected in such a way that it coordinates with the interior decoration and it offers complete comfort to the users. 

10 Waiting Room Chair Reviewed

Here is a complete list on top waiting chairs from the market. Have a look at this and select the best one.

1. Flash Furniture BT-516-1-VINYL-GG Steel Side Chair

The waiting room chair that ranks first in the list is the Flash Furniture BT-516-1-VINYL-GG chair. This is a simple chair used almost in all places. Further, this chair is durable and cost-effective too. Some important features of this chair are listed below.


The first feature we are going to look at this chair is the frame. The frame of this chair has a simple design with four legs. All these legs are strong, and they are maintained well at the constant position. Further, the frame is made up of sturdy steel material designed with corrosion-resistant technology.

Black coating

The steel frame used in the chair is coated with black vinyl powder. This power stuck firmly and lost as long as the product is. Further, the black color offers an elegant look to the waiting rooms. With this coating, you can even safeguard the entire chair for a long time.

Cushioned seating

As I referred above, cushioned seating is also an important factor while affording and using a chair. This chair has padded cushion to support both the neck and the base. This seating will offer complete comfort to the people resting in the waiting room. Further, the width of the cushion used is about 2-1/2 inch thick. This will support the user as long as it can be used.

Nylon arms

This chair also has integrated nylon arms set up with it. These fiber arms look stylish, and the user can access the arms with complete comfort. In addition to this, the arms are firm and sturdy. It makes them last for a long time.


The entire chair is durable, and it lasts long as per as the need of the user. You can use this waiting chair within the waiting rooms for more than years.

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to build
  • Very Sturdy
  • Low quality

2. Alera ALERL4351M Reception Chair

The Alera RL43 TAN Reception Lounge Series Guest Chair is used for multi-purpose which is produced from one of the leading furniture manufacturers. It is an ergonomic design office reception seating offers great stability and long lasting performance. Here we’ve listed the details and some of the features of Alera Guest Chair.


This Alera RL43 chair is more durable and long-lasting. It is constructed from durable material and coated with lasing powder, so the chair doesn’t fade-out for a long time. So you can use this chair in any weather situation and any terrain condition. You can use this chair as a dining room chair, gaming chair, dorm room chair, reception chair, and so on.

Wooden frame

The next significant factor of this product is its wood frame. The frame included with this chair provides extra safety and its legs are made up of high-quality woods to provide a long-lasting guarantee. It has Leveling glides helps compensate for uneven floors.

Long life

This chair is constructed using many durable materials and long lasting fabric this it will work for some years without any issues, which means this chair has long life and you can use this chair for many years. The manufacture of the chair provides satisfied warranty for the chair and its cushion. The cushion can be renewed quickly so that you can use this chair for an extended period

  • Unique fabric design
  • Durability and strength
  • Can be used for any rooms
  • Comes with less color option

3. Boss Office Products B619 Box Arm Guest Chair

The waiting chair in second place is the Boss Office  Products B619 Box Arm Guest Chair. This brand of the chair is good in its quality and design. Some important features of the chairs of this model are listed below

Arm chair

This waiting chair comes under the category of the arm chair, and it is unique compared to others. The arms of this chair offer complete comfort and additional benefits to the users. The arms of these chairs are padded, and so your guest can feel complete comfort in this.


The design of this waiting chair is unique compared to others. It is an entirely padded chair with four legs. The legs have Mahogany finish with them. This chair completely looks attractive and so many people love to be in this chair. Further, this chair suits all type of indoor environments. using this chair in the waiting room will exaggerate your company.


As I referred, this is a thoroughly padded chair, so you guest will experience luxurious experience with this chair. Using this chair in the waiting room will help your executives realize that they are placed ion a well-developed company.


This chair can hold more weight capacity. These chairs are made up of wooden legs, and so it can bear weight about 250lbs. In addition to this, the chair is wide enough, and so even fat people can use the seat.

Easy to clean

The next important feature of this chair is cleaning. It is an easy to clean product that can be cleaned with a wet towel. The Foam pads used within the chairs has the water-resistant capability. With this, you can clean any specks of dirt within the chair.

  • Good Sturdy
  • Simple to clean
  • Caressoft Upholstery
  • Poor construction

4. Linon Home Decor Simon Club Chair

The next waiting room chair in our review list is Linon Home Decor Simon Club Chair which is reputable for their durability. It is designed with multi-functional features and offers a traditional look to your office. By using this waiting room chair your guest will comfortably rest in their time of waiting. Some essential functions about this Linon chair are revealed below.


The frame of the chair is made with a high-quality hardwood, by this material selection, it stands out from other brands according to strength and durability. The hardwood is painted and polished with non-toxic material, which protects the traditional look of the product from fading and rusting. It also supports the features of the chair.


This armchair used arm pads to provide support to the user and prevent them from falling aside, besides it affords extra comfort to the user while sleeping on it. These arm pads developed similar to the seat pads and it’s flared armrest gives a retro-modern design that is perfect for any room design. So you can place your arms correctly and rest comfortably.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the chair is 40 pounds and the seat dimensions is 33.86 x 27.95 x 32.28 inches. The seat cushions provide sufficient comfort to the users. The seat back dimension is 14 x 12 inches which reduces your back pain.

  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Great chair for lounge and office
  • Low backrest

5. UrbanMod Black Modern Dining Chair

The UrbanMod is a trustworthy brand in the market which provides Modern Dining Chair for the extra standard to your home. This chair is molded with premium quality plastic which is non-toxic for better performance. The features and benefits of this modern dining chairs are sorted below.


Even though this chair is constructed with traditional design it provides a sleek and stylish outlook. You can utilize this chair flexibly in all kinds of places such as the office room, dining room, and so on. Using this chair outdoors and indoors will enhance the different mind state to the users. 

Stackable Chairs

When it comes to the usability of these chairs, which are 100 percent stackable and lightweight, so you never need not drag it for transport from one place to another place. One can easily store this chair due to its lightweight and can easily arrange it for its sudden purpose. It has high-quality stainless steel legs and chrome polished with black floor covers, these will protect this chair from any weather condition.

Easy to assemble

The UrbanMod Waiting Chair has easy to assemble and is included with all the necessary tools. So you can easily assemble the chair without any external tools or additional aids.

Weight capacity

The chair is built of durable metal frames, capable of weighing up to 330 lbs, and is suitable for tall people as its seat height is 18.5 inches. This chair is uniquely designed to make it an ideal chair for use at festivals or celebrations, and it doesn’t require any chair covers to embellish it.

  • Easy to clean
  • Stack effortlessly
  • Simple and sleek design
  • A bit expensive

6. Basyx by HON VL616 Guest Chair

The next waiting chair in the list is the basyx by HON VL616 Guest Chair. It is an armed waiting chair with the long lasting feature. Some, other factors and features of this chair is listed below.

Padded chair

This waiting chair is a padded waiting chair so that the executives can feel complete comfort with it. The back portion is also padded, and so even the shoulders and neck region offers support. In addition to this, the hair can be used in various other places too apart from the waiting room.


The frame of this chair has sturdy steel design with it. This steel is strong and durable it lasts long, and so the chair can be used for a long time. The quality of the steel is also high, and so this product can withstand various weights effectively.

Black coating

As this is a waiting chair, it has an entirely black design with it. The lining materials of the pad and the steel is coated with a black finish. The black coating on the steel is rigid, and this adds additional functions to the product. This black finish offers an elegant look to the users.

Armed chair

As this is an armed chair, it has arms with it. These arms help the guest to rest comfortably for a long time. Further, they also have a black coating on them. Hence they add the professional look to the chairs.

Easy to store

This is a lightweight armchair that can be stored easily in various places. Further, you can carry the product to different other places. So, this chair suits the best for sudden meetings, conference rooms, etc.

  • Long-lasting
  • Light weight
  • Easy to move
  • Low quality seat

7. Lorell Guest Chairs

Lorell Guest Chairs is the waiting chair that ranks fourth in the list. The important aspect of this chair is its advanced features. Some of these functions are listed below.


The design of this chair is similar to other chairs, but the color of this chair is unique. It is also an armed chair that has comfortable arms with it for relaxing. Further, the color of this product has brown shade in it and so this chair suits only for few places with interior design.

Wooden base

The legs and arms of this chair are designed with wood. The wood is well polished, and so it completely avoids rust and insects. Further, the polished wood looks attractive too. This product acts as the best choice when used in waiting rooms, guest rooms, etc.

Padded cushion

The cushion used within the product has high-quality foam lining with it. This foam lining adds additional functions and features to the product. The filling is placed both on the seating and on the place with back support. With this, the chair offers comfort to both the back and the lumbar region.

Easy to assemble

It is an easy to assemble system and assembling can be done with simple tools. The foam pads can be fitted quickly. Further, the chair has simple lock system with it. This simple lock system is durable, and it offers various attractive features to the people.


As this chair is designed up of wood, this chair lasts long than the steel chair. Further, the wood quality remains the same for more than years, and so the uses offered by this product is high compared to others. In addition to this, any dirt within the cushion can also be cleaned easily.

  • Great quality
  • Excellent sturdy
  • Simple to assamble
  • Little bit expensive

8. Office Factor Black Vinyl Waiting Chair

The Office Factor Black Vinyl Waiting Chair is the chair that ranks fifth in the list. This is entirely an attractive waiting chair that can be used freely in all places and conditions. Some special features of this chair are listed below.

Waterfall seat

The unique feature of this arm chair is its waterfall seat. This seat is useful, and it helps you to fix your legs perfectly in its position. In addition to this, these seats reduce the pain and strain within the legs and so you can use them durable for a long time.

Steel frame

This product also has steel frames with it. The steel used within the product last long and so durability of this product is high compared to others. in addition to this, the frames have formulated design with it.

Black vinyl coating

This frame is equipped with the black vinyl coating. This black vinyl coating offers shiny, attractive look to the people. Apart from this, the coating also adds a feature to the steel used within the product. With this, the chair can be used perfectly in all types of rooms and places.

Padded chair

This chair also comes under the category of the arm chair, and it has padded feature with it. These pads have a high-quality material design with it. Further, their lining is designed with water resistant feature, and you can remove the dirt from these chairs quickly.


This is an armchair and the arms used within it is padded especially to offer comfort. These pads are developed similar to that of seating pads. The thickness of the armed pads is less compared to seating pads. The arms are curved too, and so you can place your arms perfectly in it and rest comfortably

  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and secure
  • Stylish and comfortable chair
  • No backrest

9. Essentials Mesh Upholstered Stacking Guest/Reception Chair

The next waiting chair in the list is the Essentials Mesh Upholstered Stacking Guest/Reception Chair. Though this is a reception or guest chair, it can be used in waiting rooms too. In addition to this, various other features are also seen in this chair.

Meshed chair

The unique feature of this chair is its mesh. This is one among the meshed chair that can be used perfectly for various types of applications and functions. The back meshes offer complete comfort to the people within the chair. It acts as an air pathway by which the air enters into the chair.


The next important feature of this product arms. They are raised well so that you can place your hands flexible in it. Further, the arms look stylish compared top other products. With this, you can use this product and chairs in all type of indoors and outdoors.

Stackable chairs

These develop have been built in such a way that a large number of chairs can be stacked for later use. The stacking reduces the storage space for storing the chair. In addition to this, stacking the chairs does not affect other functions of the product.

Office chair

This chair can be used even as an office chair. The relaxation offered by this chair is high, and so even business officials can use this chair. When used as a waiting room chair, they offer them relaxation by grounding their stress.

Padded base

The base of this chair is padded well with high-quality materials. The foam within this pad is soft, and so you can rest in this comfortable. In addition to this, any specks of dirt within this pads can be cleaned easily with the help of the wet cloth.

  • Durable
  • Convenience
  • Multi purpose
  • Chair legs are a different size

10. Regency Ivy League Captain Chair

The next useful product in the list is the Regency Ivy League Captain Chair. This product is unique, and it has various additional features and functions. Some important features of the product is listed below,

Traditional look

As this is an office chair, it offers a classic look to the users. This look makes it ideal for traditional offices. Those who want their office to have a traditional base in it can use this chair to a great extent.

Wooden legs

The next important feature of the product is its wooden legs. These legs have high-quality fiber design with it, and so it lasts longer than other means. Further, this wood is polished with traditional polish, and so it offers a classic look to the users. Further, this polish safeguards the wood from rust and insects.

Padded base

The seating and back of the chair are padded with the help of soft foam. The foam is so soft, and so it has the capability to adjust as per as the posture of the product. Further, it even relaxes the shoulder of the person to a great extent.


The foam within the pads is sealed perfectly with gum and nails so that they will never get damages. Even after long use, the chair remains the same without any loss in its capability and features. The nails used has corrosion resistant feature, and these nails also offer classy look to the place.

Long life

The life of these chairs is high, and so they can be used in any places. The manufacturer of this chair gives five-year warranty for the chair and two years warranty for the foams. These foams can be replaced easily, and so you can use this product for a long time.

  • Traditional chair
  • Quite comfortable
  • High-quality material
  • Heavy

11. ALERA RL43ALS10M Lounge Series Guest Chair

The product that ranks eighth in the list is the ALERA RL43ALS10M Reception Lounge Series Guest Chair. It is a simple lounge chair that can be used in many places. Some important functions of these chairs are listed below.

Classy but stylish

This lounge chair has a traditional design with it, but it looks stylish. The design of the entire chair is stylish, and so the chair can be used flexibly in all type of offices. Using this chair in indoors will develope various qualities of the users.

Easy to install

This waiting chair also has easy to install feature with it. You can install them readily without the need for any external tools. Simple hand tools are enough for installing this product.

Wooden frame

The frame of this chair is designed with high-quality wood that resists insects. In order to maintain the quality of wood, it is painted with polish. This polish gives traditional color to the product. In addition to this, it also maintains the characteristics of the chair.

Padded cushion

Next important feature of the product is its padded cushion. This cushion offers complete comfort to the people. With this cushion, you can rest flexible in any conditions. There is also a back cushion with it, and so your shoulders get complete support with it.

Easy to use

This cushioned chair can be used compatibly in all types of places. You can use them along with sofas and other devices for a long time. In addition to this, they can also be used as a guest chair, reception room chair and even waiting for the chair.

  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Leather upholstery
  • Low quality

12. AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair

The AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair is the next chair in our list which is one of the leading brands and reputable producers among the chair manufacturing companies. It comes with Black bonded leather upholstery on back and arm pads. Its solid and worthy features are listed below in this review.


Usually AmazonBasic products are constructed with solid and durable metal frame materials, consequently, it provides strength and reliable performance to the user. The black metal frame attached in the product combines a minimalist approach with rugged strength for long-lasting performance.

Easy to install

Even though the installation of this chair is a bit difficult which comes with a manual guide to assemble it in an effortless way, so you won’t need any additional accessories or help for installing this. Moreover, the hand tools come with its package are suitable for installing this product.

Arm chair

This chair is designed as the static armchair to produce lasting performance and provide extra comfort to the user, and it an ideal product while compared to the other brands. The arms of the chair gives a better comfort and extra benefits to the users. The arms of the chair are padded, so your guests can feel the warmth of this.

  • Budget-friendly pick
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Padded leather upholstery
  • Moderate efficiency compared to other product

13. KFI Seating 410 Armless Stacking Chair

The KFI Seating 410 Stacking Chair is the next chair in the list. The important feature of this chair is it is an armless chair that can be used flexibly in all conditions and situations. Some other functions of the chair are listed below.

Stylish design

It is an ultra stylish and modern chair that can be used flexibly in modern interiors. The chrome and black finish offers an elegant look. Using this chair in office increases the environmental conditions of the office. It also increases the look of the waiting room.

Padded design

This product has padded design with it. The density and thickness of these pads are very less. Further, the back-foamed design resembles similar to seating. The foam content is less, and so the comfort offered by the chairs is also less. Hence, they are widely used only as waiting chairs.

Steel frame

The next important factor within this product is its steel frame. The frame used within this product is designed with sturdy materials that offer durability. In addition to this, the chrome plating within the steel withstands for a long time compared to other chairs. Hence this chair has long lifetime too. Here is a video that explains about the properties and features of this product.

  • Lightweight
  • Convenience
  • Easy to move
  • Low quality material

14. Giantex Stackable Office Chair

The next waiting chair in our list is the Giantex Set of 5 Conference Chair which is an ergonomic waiting chair equipped with the long-lasting features. The ginatex stackable office chair is also called as office guest chair. Here we’ve listed some of the factors and features of this ergonomically designed chair.


Giantex comes with quite attractive design, thus so many kinds of people love this chair. This chair has a breathable cushioned seat that enables you to ease your mind and relax your legs and body. During the long meeting its ergonomic back gives more comfort and support so that the user can feel free about good posture positioning.


This chair is made up of durable metal frame with sustainable material, also it provides ample durability and long lasting strength to the chair. These metal frames have formed the ergonomic design for it. This chair holds more capacity than other waiting room chairs available in the market; it can perfectly fit oversized people. Due to its perfect built, this chair mostly used at office, home, and restaurant.

Simple to storage

This chair is composed of lightweight and superior-grade material thus it provides stackable design for look and use. This stacked chair reduces storage space due to its adequate design, and gives the user the option of stacking it easily.The breathable sponge cushion and sturdy steel frame gives better relaxation and comfort to the user.

Office chair

This chair can also be used as an executive office chair. The comfort and smoothness provided by this chair are excellent so that it can be used for business officials in your office. When it comes to usability this waiting room chair provides added relaxation by reducing user’s stress.

Padded foot design

This chair has a simple footpad design that provide added feature to the user while using this waiting chair for relaxing. The visitor or guest can sit relaxingly in the chair due to its positioning structure and durable construction, which render excellent stability and stops it from drifting. The flexible footpad design gives considerable security for the floor.

  • Premium quality
  • Comfortable seating
  • Easy to use and clean
  • A bit difficult to assemble

15. Global Duet Series Stacking Chair

The ultra modern, stylish chair among all the chairs is the Global Duet Series Stacking Chair. This chair is new on the market, and it has a padless design. Some features of the chair are.


This chair is durable, and so it lasts long. The design of the chair does not fade out with time. With this, you can use the chair for a long time in all places. You can use this chair as a waiting room chair, TV chair, wardrobe chair, etc. Even this chair can be used with dining tables. 

Stylish look

This chair has back and lumbar support with it. Both these support has a polypropylene design in it. Further, the back portion is well curved, and so the comfort offered by it is comparatively high compared to other factors.


The frame of this entire product has sturdy steel design with chrome finish. The sturdy steel has corrosion resistant and rusts free feature with it. In addition to this, the steel has the capability to last long than the standard chairs. The finish does not fade quickly, and the stylish look remains the same for a long time.


This chair has built-in handle setting at the back. This handle is used for replacing the chairs to various positions. Further, the chair has stacked on design with it, so that you can store a large number of chairs in less storage space.

Floor saving design

The legs of this product are well curved, and so it offers floor saving design to the people. Further, two well-polished rings are placed at the base. These well-polished rings save the floor from scratching and damaging.

  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple to assamble
  • Poor quality


How to pick a right one?

Picking up a good waiting room chair is a tough task, but you can make it simple if you note some of the certain factors before grabbing a chair for your waiting room. 


The first step you should keep in mind is the quality, whenever you purchase a product, check for its quality and then move for its design. While monitoring its quality, check whether the chair is designed with sturdy materials or not. Also, check whether the chair will suit your indoors with perfection. 


The next important feature to check is durability. There are many types of waiting room chairs, but only a few chairs are built with this feature. The chairs having this feature will last long more than the conventional ones.


Next, comes the design. Select the best chair that has newly formulated design with it. But be careful, you should choose the one with a professional look. Chairs without professional look will create a negative impression of your working area.


Many people believe that cushion within the chairs is not an important factor. But it is important to select the chair with cushion. Person resting in the waiting room will feel discomfort when they are placed in a chair without a cushion.

Modular One

The best-suited chairs in the waiting area are the modular one. Modular chairs can be modulated easily with less work. In addition to this, these standards increase various aspects of the company. So do afford a modular chair for your waiting room.

Benefits of using a waiting room chair

  • Using a waiting room chair within your organization adds several additional functions and benefits to you. Some important ones among them are listed below. 
  • This chair will help you to develop the workspace environment. With this chairs, your workspace will look neat and good. 
  • Further, the people within the organization feels the office is equipped with all the facilities.
  • In addition to this, these chairs will develop an impression in business executives. Using a good office chair will develop positive vibration, and so your managers become happy with it.
  • Further, these chairs become the index of the entire company. Some new people to the organization determine the capability of your company based on the office chairs.

Uses of Waiting Room Chair

Waiting Room Chairs provide for visitors in your waiting area to provide a place to sit and wait before an appointment. you can use tis chair in coference room, lobby, hospital and airport.

Final words

The above mentioned are various important advantages and features of office chairs. Do select and afford the best office chair from the market and make your day.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries comment it in the box given below.

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