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Standing Desk Pros And Cons

Standing desks are an effective solution to get rid of the back pain caused due to sitting at the workplace for an extended period of time. Research has proved that sitting for a long time will increase many health issues.

Standing Desk

Performing workouts, jogging or exercises at morning and evening will not be the perfect solution, prolong time sitting while working will increases health risks of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, cancer and even early death.

Using a standing desk while working, writing or doing any action in standing position will reduce these health risks. You could adapt these standing desks based on the lifestyle and working style of the person.

Today let’s check out the benefits and drawbacks a standing desk can provide the humans.

Standing desk – Advantages

Using this desk benefits you more, let’s look out the overall pros they can provide you in detail below.

  •    Standing regularly will improve the metabolism of the body when compared the action during sitting.
  •    Sitting all day can increase the weight whereas standing regularly will reduce the tummy and calories so that you can lose excess weight.
  •    The major problem faced by most of the people who are sitting for an extended period of time is the back pain. Standing desks plays an important role and more effective in reducing your back pain. People who shifted to standing desk from any regular office chair has experienced better relief from back pain.
  •    Many customer reviews from genuine and trustworthy sites state that using the standing desks will improve the attention and also helps in getting the strong focus towards your work. This will greatly impact the performance of the user as they can do their work with full concentration and focus.

The standing desk has the ability to reduce all the issues pointed above and also helps in reducing other problems that are caused due to prolonged sitting.

Standing desk -Disadvantages

No product can be 100% positive, there might be at least a single negative option. Similarly, standing desks also have some detriments from the customer point of view.

  •    Sore feet, mostly the people who shifted from a traditional chair to the standing desk has experienced this problem in the first couple of weeks. This is because your body needs time to adjust to new routine life.
  •    Wearing shoes with the insoles while working on a standing desk is another problem, though it is helpful to avoid the foot pain, it also has side effect namely the increased foot sweat. Also, you cannot use your usual house slippers that make you comfortable. Don’t worry, there is a solution too! You can make use of any best standing desk mat for getting rid of this issue.  
  •    Another few sets of customer reviews state that standing desk with the laptop is not much comfortable as using the standing desk with desktops. This is because the space between the display and keyboard of the laptop is significantly smaller than the distance between eye and elbow of the user. Standing desks works great with desktops.
  •    The last drawback is the varicose veins, standing too much will increase the chance to get these problems. This risk can be reduced by avoiding too much of standing or by neglecting the wrong standing posture.

People who have decided to use a standing desk should keep a fact in mind that you need to switch your working style often to sitting and standing to avoid the foot and leg strain, so consider about getting a height adjustable desk and a standing desk chair for enjoying the overall benefits.

You will have the natural movements of the body while using a standing desk and that would be a fine option, another choice for you is to buy a Treadmill Desk in case of avoiding traditional chairs.


The standing desk has great benefits when compared to sitting all day but you know that every good thing has its own value or price.

Even though there are some disadvantages of using the standing desk, you will be able to overcome easily with the solution. The problems faced by standing desk are not so effective than the problems caused due to sitting all day.

Why still waiting? Grab the right Standing Desk and enjoy your work!

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