Top 10 Best Hydraulic Dental Chair

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 5:12 am

The Hydraulic dental chairs designed to intensify the dental experience for both dentists and their patients. The chair’s head and backrest provide the dentist with maximum access and efficiency. Most of the dental chairs are designed with a dual articulating headrest features and an excellent customizing capability so the dentists can precisely check the patients without any discomfort.


DIR Beauty full Electrical 4 Motor Podiatry Chair


A well-designed touchpad can help the user to easily control the seat and back functions without moving the position of your chair. It must be constructed with high-quality PU leather and a soft linen fabric to offer a comfortable feel when you sit on the chair for treatment.

The best dental chair must offer the best support for you; it must also have enough amount of space to keep your foot down so that you may feel relaxed with a good balance and grip. It is newly equipped with a modern technology, which is completely designed with a dental massaging system to make the patient stay cool and stress less. This hydraulic dental chair plays a major role in daily life from which you treat and consult your patients.

10 Hydraulic Dental Chair Reviewed

1. DIR Beauty full Electrical 4 Motor Podiatry Chair

The Beauty full Electrical Dental chair fitted with four electro-hydraulic motors; it has a simpler and sleek design, which makes the chair look more attractive. It has a built-in finer adjustment, which helps you to customize at whatever position you want to attain. The chair has a heavy-duty hydraulic base, which can hold up to 500 lbs of weight so that it can be comfortable for adults also.

  • Dual headrest
  • 110 volts power
  • Removable arms
  • High-grade soft vinyl
  • 400 lbs weight capacity

The inner layers designed with high-grade soft fabric, which makes you feel very comfortable while you sit on the chair. The high-quality foam material is used at the base of the chair to offer you more comfort and a luxurious feel, and it comes with an adjustable headrest and backrest so you can stretch your body at the backside and stay convenient. It also comes with a double eloquent headrest, which makes the doctor ensure an adequate check at the patient’s upper and lower arches without changing the position of your chair.

This chair also offers you additional comfort and durability; it is constructed with a robust aluminum frame and a steel coating to provide maximum stability. It can be controlled using the remote handy; there are eight tilt adjustments for smooth operation, so it can be frequently rotated to 180 degrees of removable arms to give you a full versatility. It is possible to balance your foot without using hands with two programmable positions that provide an extraordinary efficiency when the treatment is going on.


2. SkinAct Hydraulic Facial Bed Dental chair

The Hydraulic dental chair by the skin act is designed with white color and gives the most attractive and classy look; it also comes with an adjustable backrest so you can stretch your body up to 90 degrees and feel very comfortable. This chair is modeled with the chair cushion material at the bottom to offer more convenience to the users.

  • 360 degree rotate
  • 10000mcd LEDs brightness
  • 400 lbs weight capacity
  • Height adjustment24″ to 30″
  • Easily adjustable backrest and leg rest

The thick foam is placed at the base of the chair, which can avoid back pain when you sit on the chair for a long time. The PU leather material is utilized to make the equipment even more stylish and elegant. It is also easy to clean and wipe with a wet cloth, so this will not be too hard to maintain. It also has a variety of advanced features like lifting, tilting, and lowering movements; you can frequently adjust the position of your chair that fits you perfectly the backrest tilting can make you stretch horizontally.

Its also designed with a suitable locking mechanism, so you need not have the tension about slip out of position. The hydraulic dental chair has a fashionable and modern design, which makes the seating system very cozy, so the doctor can efficiently operate the patients with a very smooth transition. The incredible benefit of this chair is a better armrest control pad, which ensures maximum usability for the patients. There are manual controls that can be operated using the remote handy, so you can secure the equipment with a safety lock mechanism that helps to protect you from accidental seat positioning movements.


3. BoNew All in One Set Mobile Portable Chair

  • 360 degree rotate
  • Pull-out handle and wheels
  • Power capacity 110V – 240V
  • 10000mcd LEDs brightness
  • Steel frame with high density

It is one of the modern and latest types of a folding chair which has unique design; it also offers extra comfort and convenience for the users. It is constructed with a high-quality material like steel, aluminum, and finished with a powder-coated touch which gives a durable and robust life for the chair.

The hydraulic base is attached to this equipment; thereby, it gives a good movement in the bottom and back for the patients. It allows manual operation, which provides easy access for you to change the position with further efficiency.

This chair built up with lightweight material, so it will not be too hard to move the chair from one place to another. The adjustable backrest can give a comfortable feel for the patients when they want to stretch back or front, it also avoids back pain. It is accompanied with brighter LED lights to enhance the visibility of doctors so they can confidently do the treatment.


4. SoHome Portable Foldable Dental Chair

The SoHome Portable foldable dental chair has an illuminated LED light, and the lamp arm is designed to rotate around 360 degrees, the brightness of the LED light is extraordinary which may be useful for the doctors for giving a better treatment. It is the foldable dental chair that is designed with the latest modifications, like the structure, type, and application. Its ultimately designed with lightweight materials, so it will not be tedious to move the chair from one location to another.

  • Load capacity 135kg
  • Portable and movable
  • Adjust the seat height
  • 110°-175° sloping range
  • Dimension 162x55x53cm

The right side of the chair has a waste bin, which can be helpful for the patients, so they need not come down from their seats. It has a soft cushion under the place, so it will give the right amount of comfort to the users who sit on the chair for a long time. The structure of this chair is covered by a quality steel component with a sprayed plastic coating, which gives a vibrant look to the chair. It may be perfect for dental treatment, beauty salon, or take rest. It can handle the weight of up to 400 lbs, which can be suitable for everyone.

A smooth and flexible headrest can be adjusted feasibly with just one hand and offers maximum convenience for the users. The SoHome dental chair has a built-in modern touchpad, so it makes the chair very flexible to move around anywhere, and the patient will get a relaxed feeling when they sit on the chair. The thick foam and soft linen fabric are used at the base of your chair, so it can be feasible for you to clean and wipe the chair; also, a material makes the chair look very classy and vibrant.


5. East Dental Portable Chair with Cold Light Cuspidor Tray

It is one of the best portable dental chairs which have many numbers of advanced features in its structure, look, and appearance. It looks very stylish and attractive, and it is completely designed with lightweight materials so that it may allow you to fold and carry from one place to another easily.

  • LED lamps
  • Easy to setup
  • Weight capacity 55 pounds
  • Dimension 34 x 20 x 79 inches
  • High quality steel construction

It is a compact portable dental chair that does not need much space in a room; this chair also offers excellent flexibility for the patient so they may feel very comfortable without any stress or anxiety. An updated heavy-duty hydraulic base design permits the users to enter and exit the chair with comfort and efficiency.

It comes with a movable headrest that can be feasibly adjusted by a single hand to provide maximum comfort. The soft cushion makes the users stay convenient and cozy; it also adds extra durability; if the chair is designed with better quality material, then it can last for a long time. The overall external structure is coated with plastic and aluminum for providing a safer and better product.


6. East Dental NSKI Portable Folding Chair

  • LED light illumination
  • Backrest angle 90-178ºC
  • Weight capacity 77 pounds
  • Power capacity 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Dimension 990 x 510 x 300 mm

This dental chair has a heavy-duty hydraulic base at the bottom of the chair and offers more capacity. It also comes with an adjustable backrest, so it will be refreshing for you to move wherever you want; this also provides excellent comfort when you step back and rotate around.

Most of the chairs are designed with a soft cushion, which makes the users feel comfortable and cozy if they stay in the same place for many hours. It can easily handle 500lbs weight capacity. The height can be adjusted just by using a single hand and make sure that you have chosen the absolute position. The power of LED lights is emerging for a long way; this can support the doctors to give proper treatment.

The thick foam is used at the base of the chair to offer you the constant and consistent cushion feel; it provides a soft touch to your body. The external appearance of this chair is built with heavy-duty, high-quality aluminum and steel coating that gives strong durability so that it can stay for a long time.


7. Dental Power Portable Foldable Dental Chair

  • Load capacity 135kg
  • Portable and movable
  • Adjust the seat height
  • 110°-175° sloping range
  • Dimension 162x55x53cm

The Dental Power portable chair looks very attractive, and it has a small size, so you easily fold the chair and take it to any place without any burden. The saddle horse chair has an adjusting feature, so it may be the right choice for you to pick the perfect position.

You can easily customize the seat height with just one hand, so you feel very relaxed when you sit on the chair for a long time. It has a built-in double movable headrest, which can help the doctor to check both the upper and lower arches, so it is not needed to change the headrest position. The sleek and comfortable backrest gives you easy access to your upper body, so there will be no chance for backaches.

It adds a lot of flexibility for the users, which is also highly durable because it is made up of high-quality materials. The thick foam and soft linen fabric are used in the interior part of the chair to give you a crazy and luxurious feel. The latest hydraulic system permits you to gently stop and start during any variations in your position and also has a safety locking mechanism that prevents you from slips.


8. SoHome Dental Chair with Foot Base Surgical Stool

The SoHome Dental chair with a foot base surgical stool has a modern design and a flexible seat arrangement, which offers you a comfortable and cozy feel when you sit for a long time on the chair. The seat is filled with a good quality cushioning material, which may give you a better experience when you shift and move on the bench.

  • Flexible seating
  • Backrest 380 mm x 250 mm
  • Seat Height 470 mm x 450 mm
  • The seat is imported sewn fabric
  • The upper layer is made of high-quality foam

The PU leather is the high-quality fabric material that is used at the base of this chair to give additional comfort and convenience to the users. The upper layer of this hydraulic chair is made up of thick foam material, which offers you better comfort; the middle layer gives excellent support for your body surface. 

It also has a safety lock mechanism so you can feel free when the treatment is going on without any stress. It also comes with a flexible armrest and backrest, so it is possible to stretch your body back up to 45 degrees. You can manually adjust the chair until you attain the best position that suits you perfectly.

An advanced hydraulic system allows the operator to start and stop the chair when you change the position; it also has a built-in power system that can continuously offer power for the entire equipment. It has an excellent heavy-duty hydraulic base, so this chair can last for a long time without any discomfort and also provides better access for you. The sleek design allows you to fold the chair and place it anywhere you want as you like.


9. Super Dental Portable Folding Chair

The Super Dental movable folding chair can be adjusted very easily above the ground surface; it offers you the perfect height so that you may customize the chair until it fits your position. It has a sleek and fashionable design, which makes the chair look very attractive.

  • Backrest support
  • Weight 59.5 pounds
  • Seat height 500 mm
  • Backrest angle 110~180ºC
  • Product dimension 41 x 11 x 22 inches

It is constructed with an ultimate lightweight material so you may feel comfortable and will give constant support to the users. The sleek aluminum structure gives a fascinating appearance and creates a high-quality aesthetic design. The most compatible backrest is fixed, which can help you to move forward as well as backward without the need of any external support, it can move around 90 degrees freely.

You can get a chance to stretch your body comfortably after sitting on the chair for a long time. It also comes with powerful LED lights and a leg cushion, the thick foam is placed at the bottom of the chair to offer a luxurious and a softer touch to your body. 

This chair can be useful to stay hands-free when the treatment is running because of the thickest armrest. The Super Dental chair is durable enough to keep for a long time, and it can hold nine hours with a single charge for a day.


10. BESTDENT 504 Portable Dental Chair

It is the steel portable dental chair so you can easily fold and its remodeled with many new advanced features in its original structure, type, and application. It is ultimately designed with lightweight materials so you can quickly move it from one place to another, you can get much flexibility in movement, positioning as well as its universal design. This type of hydraulic chair will be suitable for dental treatment, beauty salon, transfusion, and taking rest.

BESTDENT 504 Portable Dental Chair
  • LED spotlight
  • Stainless steel
  • Weight 77.4 pound
  • Power capacity 12 V – 50 W
  • Dimension 1090 x 570 x 330 mm

This particular dental chair comes with the original halogen bulb into LED spotlight illumination, which can be useful when you are working with it. It is constructed with a waste basin at the right side of the chair so it can be effortless to use in dental clinics; this feature allows you to change from half folding chair to full folding chair. 

The right and left armrest are modified technically into a stationary type, which gives you more stability and versatility; it also offers you better durability and long-lasting battery power, which can hold for nine hours without recharging the unit.

It is designed with an excellent seating facility, which allows the operator to deal with the patients into and out treatment positions smoothly; it also makes the patient lie down comfortably on the chair, which reduces their stress and anxiety. It also comes with an advanced backrest and headrest that gives a better position and comfortably fits the patient’s body and movements. It is modeled with an elegant aluminum structure and outer coating, so it provides a classy look and aesthetic design.


Here are some checkpoints to consider when buying a new dental chair

You must check whether all these qualities are available in the product before buying it. Make use of the right quality product!


It would help if you had a clear idea before buying a dental chair; it is essential to keep in mind about security. It hardly depends on the type of equipment you use. The chair must be constructed with high-quality materials so that it may stay for a long time without any discomfort; if you sit on the chair for a long time, then you must choose the chair with a lot of stability. It must be coated with a soft cushion material to add extra comfort and convenience when you sit on the chair. It must give a refreshing feel for you and must be capable of delivering stable support.

Parts and Function of Dental Chair

The dental chair is classified into two types, such as portable and non-portable dental chairs. You can quickly move the portable dental chair, and it can carry anywhere. The non-portable dental chair is non-movable. This dental chair is cumbersome. It is used in dental clinics. It can be classified into three surgical types, dental chair, general dental chair, and pediatric dental chair.

Dental chair parts

Operator light

The operator light used to illuminate the mouth or oral cavity of the patient sitting on the dental chair. This light illuminated 30 – 50 inches from the mouth of the patients. Operator light contains the dimmer switches, so you can easily adjust the intensity of light.

Dental chair controls

The clinician can adjust easily upside and downwards the dental chair with the help of the control buttons.

Disposable Glass Holder

It used to hold the disposable glass, which is used for the patients.

Spittoon bowl

Spittoon bowl used to the patient to spit saliva during dental procedures. This Spittoon bowl provided with a water pipe easy to clean the bowl and push them toward the drain.

Air-water syringe

It is often used to clean the tooth surface during dental treatment.



How do the chair move and feel?

The chair’s movement is significant to consider before you buy the product; it plays a vital role in the user’s comfort. You must check whether the chair gives you a good movement, sit on the chair then move it up and down to ensure if it has a better jarring movement at top and bottom. A well-designed chair gives you the right level of comfort and relaxation when you sit on the chair. The combination of thick foam and a soft linen fabric gives extraordinary support and luxurious feel for you. The headrest and armrest must be adjusted manually to enjoy the perfect seating; you can easily control the movement of the chair by a remote handy.


Adequate positioning is an essential aspect for the success of dental treatment; the correct location is needed for the operator to have better visibility and accessibility. The headrest should be automatically adjusted to add a level of comfort, so they can stretch their body and feel relaxed. The backrest must offer a lot of space for keeping your foot down, so you may get the right balance and grip.

A well-designed backrest sucks the pressure and makes them feel free when they enter and exit the chair, and the armrest should give an effortless performance so you can operate the chair with just one hand. Adjust your height with feet on the floor, which helps you to get the right balance, and weight will be evenly distributed, so pick the comfortable position.

Wrapping up!

It is essential to choose the perfect dental chair, make sure that all the qualities are available in the dental chair. Be smart and pick the right product! Leave us your comment below.

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