Top 10 Best Yoga Ball Chairs(Balance Ball Chairs) Review

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Are you a fitness freak? (Or) Looking for the best Yoga Chairs for shedding few kilos (Or) Searching a yoga ball chair for maintaining your health regularly? You are in the right place! Yoga Ball chairs can also be used in your office to reduce your back pain and to increase your stability. Today in this article, you are going to look for the guide on Yoga ball chairs which includes the factors to look before you get a yoga chair, how to choose the best one, benefits of chair yoga and the best picks of Yoga chair.


Gaiam Balanced Yoga Ball Chair


For people who have decided to get a alternate yoga ball chair or a new one, there is a Good news for you! The market is filled with fascinating Yoga balance ball chairs from different manufacturers, you have Gaiam, Dynapro and various trustworthy brands who are making unique and attractive stability chairs for their users.

Table: Top 10 Best Yoga Ball Chair

10 Yoga Ball Chair Reviewed

Apart from the Quality of the manufacturer, you also need to know the important features and other specifications to grab the right yoga chair for you, so i highly recommend you to check out the Yoga Ball Chair Buying Guide at the end of the article for clear understanding on the chair.

1. Gaiam Balanced Yoga Ball Chair


Gaiam is one of the popular manufacturers of fitness products who are best in the market for their quality and high durability products. This Yoga ball chair is one of the best yoga chair made for all type of people and this was created by health and fitness professional just to reduce your back pain and to improve your health. 

This type of yoga chair can be used in offices as they are designed for people who are in between 5 feet and 5 feet 11 inches tall and are capable of bearing 300-pound weight. Enjoy the feel of sitting in this special yoga ball chair when compared to a normal office chair. 

This is a 52CM balance ball that can be removed, as the support bar used in this yoga chair can be adjustable. There are air pumps and glide castors wheels for easy operation. This castor wheels can be locked with a holder which is made of metal.

If you need the best and maximum performance from this yoga ball chair, you need to re-inflate your balance ball more than once and as the height of this yoga chair is 2.5 feet, all age people can experience the best performance and also use the chair without any hassle.

You can be out from your back pain and have a healthier back if you adapt to this type of Gaiam Yoga ball chair. The price of this product is affordable, weigh about 5 pounds and available in black, purple, blue, green etc.


2. DYNAPRO Fitness Yoga Ball Chair

DYNAPRO, a special manufacturer of fitness equipment has developed this balanced chair for maintaining your reliable health. They are made of high-grade quality PVC materials, and they have the money back guarantee for this product if the customers are not satisfied with it.

 This is one of the professional balanced yoga ball chairs which can be used for office, exercise, yoga and normal sitting. There is a plug remover tool, a plug, pump available with the product for taking care of your yoga chair.  

The Dynapro yoga ball chairs are tested to ANTI_BURST at 2000 lbs; the result is that they have the capability to stand effectively at most all of the rigorous conditions. The manufacturer assures the durability and 5-star customer service rating which is a added advantage of this product.

Durability is due to the 1877 micrometers that are thick and strong enough to use it for daily purposes. Both men and women can use this yoga chair as they come in different sizes 55 cm, 65 cm and 75 cms. The price of the product is less and are available in Silver, Black, blue and pink. If you are searching for a yoga chair for maintaining your health, you can opt to this versatile fitness yoga ball chair without any chaos.


3. URBNFIT Fitness Balance Yoga Ball Chair


Are you searching for a durable yoga ball chair with grip and support through which you can perform any back, core strengthening, and stomach exercises? Then you can pick this URBNFIT yoga ball chair without any hesitation. You need not go to any gym to carry out these exercises; you can perform the home workouts just being in your home itself with the help of this URBNFIT yoga ball chair. They are made up of burst resistant, ultra-tough rubber material and perfect for hard and overweight exercises.

URBNFIT Stability chairs are one of the best balance yoga chairs which fits perfectly for both men and women as they come in different sizes namely 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85cm in diameter. Using this yoga chair daily will help you in strengthening your abdomen, low, back and core muscles.

As they come with the high grip, there are no chances for slipping and safe for use for obese persons. You will have the workout guide and extra pumps and plug along with the product. They are available in multiple colors namely purple, red, silver, green, blue, etc. Now shift to a yoga ball chair with high professional grade quality from your endless sit-ups with a normal chair. The price of this product is affordable and best for home and office use.


4. Isokinetics Fitness Yoga Ball Chair


 Isokinetics, a successful fitness equipment manufacturer who is named for producing high durable products has manufactured this Fitness yoga ball chair for their customers. The product includes a chair frame that is made up of metal and lasts for longer and this product even though introduced before ten years ago, has a high craze in the market now. 

They have the 60mm office size wheels with two different frame colors and multiple ball colors. The height of this product can be adjustable as they provide about four different leg heights and four rest positions for your back. One of the best ball chair to be used at the home, school or office.

The price of this product is affordable and are available with a different mix of frames and ball colors namely Solid Black Frame/Black ball color, Silver flake frame/Red Ball, Solid Black Frame/Orange ball, etc.

The product is made of the non-latex material for the durability which helps in preventing the chair from bursting. There is a lumbar support in this type of yoga ball chair which is an added advantage of the product.


5. Pavandeep products Stable and balanced Yoga Ball Chair


 If you are in need of a chair that can be used as a desk chair, for performing yoga, exercises, home or office, then you can choose Pavandeep product without any confusion. This is one of the perfect balancing yoga chairs for both men and women. This yoga ball chair was approved after testing the chair by the health and fitness experts and have assured, that the chair can be used during labor * birth, for performing yoga exercises, yoga therapy, in gym fitness, home, and office purposes, etc.  

As there are no harmful chemicals like latex, phthalate, there is no harm in using the chair around the environment. You need to choose the right yoga ball chair as per the size structure if you need to use this product as a desk chair or for workouts.

The cost of this product is less and are available in different colors namely Charcoal new, Pink, Silver and Aqua and comes with different sizes namely 45 cm, 55cm, 65cm and 75 cms.


6. Calcore Fitness Professional Yoga Ball Chair


Trideer products are best for their reliability and the design they use in their product. This product is one of the fitness balls which can be used in home, office, gym, etc. Made up of articulated and hypo allergenic materials for proper functioning. 

The Trideer stability chair is one of the best-balanced yoga ball chairs that can be used for your daily purpose, and ideal for fitness studios, spending your leisure time and as a training ball at gyms. Adapt to this type of yoga ball chair to improve your back, core strength etc.

They are tested by the health and fitness professional and are assured as the performance yoga ball chair to be used during labor or pregnancy. The price of this product is less and comes with different colors namely green, black, pink, aqua, etc.


7. Luxfit Exercise Balance Yoga Ball Chair


 If you are in search of a professional yoga ball chair for performing yoga, exercise or for your office, you can choose the LUXFIT yoga chair without any chaos.Luxfit always produces a high durable product as per the satisfaction of the customer needs.

The height of this product can be adjusted from 22 to 25 inches as per the ball inflation degree and has the capability to bear up to 300 pounds. As the chairs come with thick and large wheels, it’s smooth and easy for the rolling purpose.

This is one of the best professional chairs to use in your office and was created by health professionals. This will helps in reducing your spine and back health problems such as spine disorders, back pain and also plays an important role in improving the rehabilitation time.  


8. Sivan health & Fitness Balance Ball Yoga Ball Chair


The price of this product is affordable and available in a single black color. You can also find out a pump along with this balance ball. Sivan health & Fitness produces high-quality durable product for their fitness customers after consulting with best fitness and health professionals.

The Sivan Health & Fitness yoga balance chair comes with an adjustable seat arrangement so that you can adjust the seatings as per your height, they are designed to improve the rehabilitation and also prevent from spine disorders and back problems.

The chair comes with four rolling wheels and two lockable cut strap for locking the backrest. It can be used in home, office, gym for performing fitness exercises and yoga.


9. Trideer Balance Yoga Chair Ball


Trideer products are best for their reliability and the design they use in their product. This product is one of the fitness balls which can be used in home, office, gym, etc. Made up of articulated and hypo allergenic materials for proper functioning.

The Trideer stability chair is one of the best-balanced yoga ball chairs that can be used for your daily purpose, and ideal for fitness studios, spending your leisure time and as a training ball at gyms. Adapt to this type of yoga ball chair to improve your back, core strength etc.

They are tested by the health and fitness professional and are assured as the performance yoga ball chair to be used during labor or pregnancy. The price of this product is less and comes with different colors namely green, black, pink, aqua, etc.


10. Ivation Balance Exercise Yoga Ball Chair


 Ivation is one of the leading fitness product manufacturers and is in the market for more than ten years. Their products are best for their long existence and quality used. This product is chosen by most of the customers just for the innovation used in the product. Helps to improve your posture and back pain problems, the inflated design with lumbar supports reduces any pain at your back. 

The starter pump included within the ivation balance yoga chair helps in faster inflation without requirement of any mouth inflation, there is a resistance band as a extra accessory which is used for performing many popular workouts.

A person with the height of 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches can use this product. They can bear up to 300 lbs weight, and they can be adjusted as per the person’s height. The pump provided helps in inflating without strenuous operation involved within them and one of the best yoga ball chairs for performing any exercises in a reliable way. The price of this product is affordable and are available in single black color.


Yoga Ball Chair – Buyer’s Guide

The other names of yoga balls are Fitness Ball, Stability ball, Swiss ball or Exercise ball, most of them are made up of high-grade quality materials like Elastic, plastic vinyl and are burst resistant in nature.

Can Active Sitting is possible beside a Yoga Ball Chair?

Ergonomic chairs can help you in providing the active seating but all chairs are not capable of offering the right posture and benefits. Active sitting is something that uses a surface or chair which encourages moving from one place to another with a strong support, one example of the active sitting is the rocking chair which are designed to be ergonomic and allows swivelling and rocking easier. Imagine you are attending a phone call, it’s usual you lean forward and back for the comfort and this is derived to be the active sitting. There are different ways through which you can sit actively without much specialized equipments.

Balance yoga stability chairs are the perfect example for the active sitting as they help you sit with comfort, but you need to keep your spine straight, engaged abdominal and feet in the ground for the stability and to enjoy the complete advantages.

How to Select a Perfect Yoga Ball Chair?

You need to choose the right type of yoga ball chair that fits you perfectly. Here are some of the factors you need to know before getting the right yoga ball chair.

Know your height

Height is one of the important factors you need to note while getting a yoga chair. Measure your height before you grab a one. You need to measure the height of you by a tape for the accurate measurement by standing with your empty feet against the wall and floor. Similarly, while you sit on the yoga ball chair, your knees must be at the right angle. If they all meets the needs, then you can get the yoga ball chair without any chaos.

Pick a Yoga ball chair that fits your accurate height

Are you a person who is 5 feet or lesser than that? You need to choose a yoga ball which is 18 inches. If you are between 5 feet 1 inch to 5 feet 7 inches, then you need to go for 22-inch ball. Pick a 26-inch yoga ball if your height is between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 1 inch. 30 inches ball for the persons whose height is in between 6 feet 2 inches or more than that.

When to opt for a larger ball?

Are you the person who are having long legs or facing any back pain problems?  (or) choosing a yoga ball chair for stretching and performing yoga exercise, then you need to apt for a larger yoga ball chair.

Are you looking for an Office Yoga Ball Chair?

You can use a 65cm yoga ball chair for your office if the desk height is between 74 cm to 76 cms. As the ball deflate while you sit on it, you need to choose the yoga chair ball that is ten cms larger than the height of the yoga chair.

What is the Pressure of the Ball?

If you are looking for the firmer ball, yoga and exercise would be difficult on it. So you need to note the pressure of the ball before you purchase the yoga ball chair for you. When there is a maximum diameter on it, the yoga ball gets the high firmness.

Check for different sizes

You need to analyze and check different sizes of yoga ball chair before you apt to the one. Sit on each and every ball and check whether your knees and hips can bend to 90 degrees when your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Check for the Weight limitation & Adjustable Backseat

Most of the balance yoga ball chairs can bear a weight of about 300 lbs, but you need to check it before you get a one. While considering the height, you need to get a yoga ball chair, that can be adjustable as per your height.

What are the Benefits & Drawbacks Of using the Yoga Ball Chairs?

There are a lot of advantages while using this yoga ball chair for your office, exercise or while performing yoga.

  • You can gain more strength
  • Helps in improving your flexibility.
  • Improvement in proprioception will help from falling
  • Helps in reducing your stress.
  • High and improve mental clarity
  • Less slouching and also encourages good posture
  • Neglects crossed leg which misaligns your hips and back.
  • Bouncing motions are best for the people who need to burn calories frequently or for fidgety workers.
  • Helps in Core Strengthening and engaging abdominals for active sitting.

Though there are multiple benefits included in a yoga ball chair, there are also few limitations of using a balance ball chairs for your home or office spaces.

  • Some designs of balance ball chairs are not ideal for different heights even if they come with a height adjustable options.
  • Most of the balance ball chairs will lower the desk height by adding a tray for the keyboard under the desk.
  • The link from your clothes or from the floor is transferred to other outfits easily with this balance ball chair.
  • The legs are designed to be bare and therefore they easily stick in humid or warm weather to the surfaces.
  • You are not assured for relaxation when you are tired or at some similar issues which will leave you irritated.

Who should Neglect Balance Ball Chairs?

Though there are a lot of positive side for the yoga chairs the professional has warned about the backless chairs can cause slouching in weak core and other issues. I recommend you to switch between both a regular one and balance chair alternatively so that you can avoid the problems easily. Use these balance chairs during afternoon especially after lunch when you are feeling sluggish and sleepy so that you can concentrate on the chair stability and also on the work easily neglecting the sleepy noon.

In the case of any abdominal surgery or bad back, you need to avoid the balance ball chair and stick with any ergonomic chair to prevent from strain and other balance issues. Some office spaces neglect yoga ball chairs as they provide a unprofessional look to their office cubicles.

In case of person who are afraid to balance the stability of the yoga ball chairs, there are many other special equipments like fidget toys, posture correction braces etc that provide the same advantages as of the balance ball chair to offer good spinal health and motion encouragement.

Bottom Line

I hope the above products might have given a clear idea of choosing the perfect yoga ball chair for you. If you have any queries regarding the product, feel free to ask me through the comment section below. You can also share your ideas about the product so that we could learn more about these yoga ball chairs. What type of Yoga chair are you use using in your home or office for burning your calories?

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