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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 @ 8:18 am

Varidesk will be the most preferred standing desk brand for most of the person if you are aware of the standing desks.

Without question, it is a most identifiable name in the industry, and it has been producing numerous models ranging from limited height settings to massive height adjustments.


Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk Converter

  • High Quality
  • Dual-handle Lift
  • Ergonomic Movement
  • Upscale your Desktop
  • Two-Tier Adjustable Design

In this article, we provide you six types of vari desk standing desks: pro desk series, compact series, the cubicle series, the pro series, the pro plus series, and vari chair.

10 Varidesk standing desk series Reviewed

Choosing the proper model is important while grabbing them for you! If you search vari desk models online, you will get thousands of results; you cannot go with anyone among them as there are a lot of features and functions to look for in a vari desk standing desks.

Our professionals have listed out the top 10 varidesk models that can be used for most of the cubicles, offices, and home below, this listing is based on the customer preference, reviews, ratings, personal testing, quality, performance and much more

1. Pro Plus 36 Adjustable Standing Desk from Varidesk


Varidesk height adjustable standing desk pro plus 36 is suitable for those who need larger workspace or people with dual-monitor setups since it is designed with plenty of work space.

Many people like its two-tier design, since it has the separate keyboard tray and mouse desk which are provided little lower than the display surface. This varidesk has numerous excellent features such as spring assisted lift mechanism for easy lifting and lowering of the desk, handles for easy pressing, and so on.

These features allow you to get proper viewing angle and provides large cut-outs behind the keyboard tray and the monitor. Unlike the other standing desk models, it is straightforward to adjust the height; just press the handle which permits you to move the unit up or down and lock the unit in the exact position which you want.

It arrives fully assembled, so you can do your work as soon as you buy the pro plus 36 standing desk and it needs only little effort to move the desk and adjust the desk.

2. Pro Plus 48 Adjustable Standing Desk from Varidesk


Varidesk height adjustable standing desk pro plus 48 is the best standing desk available in the market, and it gives maximum comfort when you are sitting or standing on the desk.

This standing desk is provided with 4 feet work space which comfortably accommodates computers, multiple monitors, extra hardware, beverages, and so on. Pro plus 48 can hold up to 45 lbs, and it is very sturdy in all height positions.

The two-tiered design has separate decks for keyboard and mouse; it also has more than enough room for all accessories, and you don’t have to move those components while you are adjusting the desk.

It has no height restrictions, so this varidesk is suitable for people with any height; the whole setup takes only 3 seconds to switch from sitting position to standing position along with the keyboard deck lifts. This desk is also provided with nifty reminder app for indicating the switching time.

3. Pro Plus 30 Adjustable Standing Desk from Varidesk


Varidesk height adjustable standing desk pro plus 30 is equipped with many amazing features, and it is designed to fit single monitor setups or limited space. Its two-tier design gives more workspace and comfortably accommodates all the accessories, monitor, keyboard, and the mouse desk.

Pro plus 30 can hold up to 35 lbs, and it is very easy to lift up and down even with all components. You can adjust the desk into 11 different positions, and the desk is very stable & sturdy in all positions.

It is provided with a dual-handle design for easy height adjustment and spring-loaded boost mechanism for lifting your monitors without any troubles. You can quickly switch the position of the desk from sitting to standing and vice versa throughout your working time.

It arrives fully assembled, so all you need to do is simply take the standing desk out of the box and start your work.

4. Cube Corner 36 Standing Desk from Varidesk

Are you looking for a varidesk model standing desk that easily fits any cubicle system with ease? If so, choose cube corner 36 varidesk standing desk without any hesitation, this ranks sixth in our best picks.

You will be able to move quickly throughout your day without getting locked into one position using this varidesk model. No installation or assembly required you can make use of the standing desk immediately after taking from the box.

The unique feature of this model is their dual handle design, and the spring loaded boost mechanism, which helps to raise your gears and monitors effortless. You are assured of the comfort and productivity in a single standing desk, are you not excited?

The upper surface of the two tier system allows you to handle placing the monitor whereas the lower spacious surface for mouse and keyboard decks. Best to fit within the cubicle corner space or on any L-Shaped or another type of desks, comes fully assembled and therefore you can use it immediately after opening the box.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the product, measures about 61.5 pounds and comes with the dimension of 40.5 inches in length, 37.8 inches in width and 6.2 inches in depth.

5. Cube Plus 40 Standing Desk from VARIDESK


Are you looking for a standing desk that involves infinite height adjustability and can fit any cubicles entirely? If so, cube plus 40 model can be the best option for you, and this ranks seventh in our top picks of best varidesk models.

No need for any assembly or installation, you can just take the standing desk from the product and make use of it immediately, can fit any standard cubicles that measures about 24 inches in depth and 40 inches in width.

The two tier involves the upper surface for placing the monitor and the lower spacious surface for placing the mouse and keyboard decks. There are more than nine different positions for adjusting the height so that you can fit the desk at your particular height.

The varidesk model is developed to be sturdy and stable so that there are no chances for falling off even when it’s extended fully. The spring loaded mechanism helps to lift up to 35 lbs in just a few seconds and therefore to sit and standing down is possible without any loss in concentration.

The price of the product is affordable, measures about 59.8 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 40 inches in length, 23.8 inches in width and 4.5 inches in height.

6. Pro 36 Adjustable Standing Desk Model from VARIDESK


Aridesk Pro 36, which is an efficient model of VARIDESK is one of the reliable standing desks that allows you to rest on your existing desk, cubicle or deck and this ranks eighth in our best picks of varidesk models.

This desk is capable of lifting your complete workspace without any mouse or keyboard deck, the height can be adjusted to different positions, and therefore comfort and ergonomic is assured without any fail.

Developed to be more ergonomic and therefore is capable of remaining stable and sturdy even if it’s fully extended. The spring loading lifting mechanism is capable of rising and lowering the cable and can lift up to 35 lbs with ease. You need to assemble or installation as they come fully assembled.

The price of the product is affordable, measures about 48.7 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 36 X 26.8 X5  inches.

7. Portable Adjustable Standing Desk from Varidesk


If you are looking for the standing desk just in case of smaller workspaces or for laptops, then prefer to choose this smaller sized standing desk from varidesk, and this ranks tenth in our best picks of varidesk models.

The varidesk manufacturer has designed this product especially to make use of the laptops and other smaller desktops and available in lesser price when compared to other varidesk models. This is capable of bearing a weight capacity of 15lbs while rising or lowering the standing desk, most of the customers prefer this varidesk model just for the affordability, lightweight design and compact saving space. You need not require any installation tools as they come fully assembled.

The standing desk model is available in 9 different height settings, and therefore you can choose the desired height as your ergonomic position, measures about 17.4 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 342 inches in length, 19.3 inches in width and 3 inches in depth.

8. Pro 30 standing desk from Varidesk


If you are the one who is looking for the varidesk model standing desk that can fit any cubicles or desks perfectly, then prefer to choose Pro 30 model without any hesitation, and this ranks ninth in our best picks of varidesk models.

The varidesk model pro 30 has been derived with more than 11 height settings so that you can choose the one as per your preferred height; you will be able to shift to sitting and standing within few seconds.

Pro 30 varidesk standing desk can bear up to 35lbs weight and considered to be the best standing desk when compared to other solutions, this is a single unitary surface and is a perfect one for the writing surface, there is a sliding keyboard tray that can be used while sitting.

There is no need for any assembly or installation, as they come ready to use the desk once removed from the box, the price of the product is affordable. Measures about 30 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 30 x 26.8 x 5 inches.

9. Cube Plus 48 Cubicles Standing Desk from Varidesk


If you are looking for the efficient standing desk just for your cubicles, then prefer to choose this vari desk model, and this ranks fourth in our top picks. This standing desk is developed with multiple functionalities to differ from other varidesk models.

The standing desk is designed especially for fitting in any standard cubicles that range 24 inches in depth and 48 inches in width., this product developed to be two tier design has two main surfaces namely the upper and lower display. The top display surface is suitable for placing multiple monitors and the lower large surface for keyboard and mouse.

The standing desk is developed with nine different height adjustments so that you can fit it as per your ergonomic comfort; the desk is capable of remaining stable, sturdy when extended fully. You will be able to lift 35lbs of weight lift easily with the help of the spring load mechanism.

The product comes fully assembled, and therefore you can make use of the product immediately taken from the box, the price of the product is high but worth the money invested over the varidesk. Measures about 66.8 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 48X23.7X4.5 inches.

10. Exec 48 Big & Tall Standing Desk from Varidesk


If you are the one who is looking for the tallest and biggest desktop model for your office or home, then prefer to choose this varidesk model without any fail, this rank fifth in our best picks.

This model also indulges upper and lower surface for keeping the monitor, keyboard, and mouse efficiently, this is one of the best models that can deliver the maximum height and the space you need.

There are nine different positions to adjust the height and therefore setting your height within the range is simple, the spring loaded lifting mechanism is capable of lifting up to 45 lbs and the assembly can be done within few seconds.

You need not wait, just remove the varidesk model from the office and make use of it for your work preference, the price of the product is high but worth the money spent over the varidesk model. Measures about 93.9 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 48 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 4.5 inches in height.

Pro desk series

This high quality full free-standing desk has the adjustments from sitting to standing, and they permit you to switch between standing and sitting while you work easily.


  •        It doesn’t need any electricity
  •        Very affordable compared to other products
  •        It can accommodate many monitors simultaneously
  •        This desk is made up high-quality materials
  •        Very stable structure in all height positions


  •        You may find this desk heavy when you adjust it
  •        You need to pay extra attention while you remove the sticker

Compact series

This small desk converter is specially designed for small places and laptop users.


  •        It doesn’t make any noises, and it is very durable
  •        It is the best option for laptop use
  •        This whole unit is very compact and light


  •        Some people felt that it was slithery on the surface

Cubicle series

Cubicle series are the perfect option for cubicles; it has two designs: the corner type for corners and the plus type for narrow places.


  •        This whole unit is powerful in all positions
  •        It fits most of the cubicles including corner setups
  •        Easily achieves ergonomic position, and this desk is very durable
  •        Simple raising and lowering mechanism


  •        Require more than one people to move the desk
  •        It has lower depth compared to other models

Pro series

This flat table top desk converter bestows paramount workspace, but it is restricted to maximum height adjustment.


  •        This desk is very stable in all positions
  •        No assembly required
  •        Provides maximum working and writing space


  •        Since this desk is quite dark; you need more than one person to move the whole unit
  •        Without a keyboard tray, it’s hard to reach the ideal head and arm ergonomics

Pro plus series

Pro plus desk converter is the most popular desk converter of varidesk, and this two layered adjustable-height desk converter is widely known for its ergonomic features.


  •        This unit is very durable, and it has simple lifting and lowering mechanism
  •        It easily achieves the ergonomic position
  •        Very stable platform in all positions


  •        It doesn’t provide more space for mouse
  •        This desk requires more than one person to be moved


These chairs serve as the both leaning chair and traditional chair for adjustable height desks.


  •        It arrives fully assembled
  •        No need to put much effort to move the desk


  •        It has no back support so it doesn’t provide better posture

Bottom Line

Hope the above varidesk models helped you to know about their entire concept and the best products in detail.

Any queries, suggestions, and comments on the varidesk model are welcome!

Have you used any of the above varidesk models before at your home or office?

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