{Top 10} 2019's Best Standing Desk Chairs Reviews [Ergonomic & Adjustable]

Have you ever worked at a desk for a long time?

People who do work in big desks will feel pain within their limbs after few minutes. This pain causes them discomfort, and also it affects their work. To avoid this, experts has designed an innovative standing desk chair.

The standing chairs are high chairs used commonly in working places and houses. The standing desk chair offers comfort while standing, so you will never feel any pain or stress within your limbs. Affording a standing high chair is a tough task because there are many types and models of standing chairs in the market.

So, here is a guide to help you and guide you more about standing desk chairs and its needs. Hope this article will help you to select the best one from the market.

Table: Top 10 ​Best Standing Desk Chairs

Benefits Of Standing Desk Chairs

Some important and useful benefits of standing desk chair is listed below.

Stress Relief
The significant benefit of this chair is stress relief. The pain while standing can be eliminated completely by using this desk chairs. This desk chair offers complete comfort while working and helps you to concentrate in your work for a long time.

Easy to Use
The base of the desk chairs is designed mainly with easy to use the feature. These chairs can be used easily without any loss of its function. Further, most of these chairs are designed with wheels, so that you can move the chair to various locations.

Using standing desk chairs within your work space offers an interesting look to the people. It gives a professional platform to the place, and so you can make your interior look modern with these chairs.

How to Pick the Best Standing Chair?

As I referred, affording the best standing chair is a tough task from a huge list, But it can be simple if you follow the set of attributes below in a efficient way.


The first feature that you should keep in mind while affording a standing desk chair is, whether the chair is adjustable or not. Standing desk chairs are used at various heights. People use these chairs to position themselves well above the ground level so that they can accesses the things within the table easily.


Though these chairs are standing chair, they are built with seating setup. The standing desk chairs with seating offers comfort to the users. The seating adjustment may vary. Some chairs have only lumbar support with it whereas some other chairs have both lumbar and back support with them.


Next important feature in the list is quality. Standing desk chairs are built with high-quality products that last long and offers higher performance. The quality provided by the product is high, and this increases the performance too.


Apart from the above features, you should also notice whether the chair you use is a durable one or not. Durable chairs offer long-lasting feature with it, and so people can use these chairs with complete comfort.

In addition to this, you can consider design, lifetime, performance, and comfort also on the list. By considering these factors, one can easily select and afford best standing desk chairs from the market.

10 Best Standing Desk Chairs Reviewed

1Boss Office Products B16245-BK Standing Desk Chair

The product that ranks first in the list is Boss Office Products B16245-BK stool. This chair has an ergonomic and user-friendly design with it. Hence, it ranks the first among all the other products. Further, this stool can be used in variable heights.

Overall, this chair has a high-quality material design with it. This chair has a sturdy steel frame with it. This frame is well polished, and so it offers an elegant look to the users. With this, you can place the stool at any locations within your houses or work space.

Next important feature of this chair is its seating. Cushioned base offers complete support to the people. Further, the chair also provides back support to the users. The height of the chair is adjustable, and so you can use it for any functions.

Wheels are places in the legs of the chair. These wheels are moveable, and so you can move the seat easily to various locations. In addition to this, there is an adjustable knob along with the chair, and with this knob, you can quickly adjust the seat to various heights.

2. Flash Furniture LF-215-BLK-GG Drafting Stool

The product that ranks second in the list is the Flash Furniture LF-215-BLK-GG Stool. The important feature of this stool is its color. The stool has a vibrant black design with it, and so you can use them in all type of indoor conditions and situations.

This chair has high-density polymer construction with it. This construction offers durability to the user. The polymer used is sturdy, and so the stool has the capability to withstand all the type of environmental conditions and situations.

Though this chair has a black design with it, the frame is designed with steel. This steel material is coated with black powder, and so the stool offers a black finish. In addition to this, the stool provides complete support to the base and back, It also has a place to put your legs and so pain within the legs can be avoided completely with the stool.

Further, the height of the chair can be adjusted, and so you can use them in bench chairs of various heights. The height of the stool is 10-inches, and it has pneumatic height adjustments with the help of knobs used.

3. Winsome 93129 Spectrum Stool

The product that ranks third in the list is Winsome Spectrum ABS Airlift Swivel Stool. The important feature of this chair is its quality.

The quality offered by this chair is high, and so you can use them perfectly in all type of environmental situations and conditions. Further, the design of this chair is attractive.

The entire chair is designed with plastic, steel, and polymer. Among the three, steel material is the major constituent of the chair, and it is seen throughout the chair. This material is well polished to offer an attractive look to the people. The base of the chair is round, and it is also made up of steel. This base provides additional comfort to the users.

In addition to this, a leg stand is also seen in the chair. This chair is used for relaxing the legs. The seating of the chair is made up of a polymer, and so it is sturdy. This seating is adjustable and to adjust it; a knob is placed below the seat. The entire product is durable, and it offers a various additional function to the users.

Check this video, so that you will know about the product in detail.

4. Safco Products 3442BL Metro Extended Height Chair

The product that ranks fourth in the list is Safco Products 3442BL Metro Extended Height Chair. It is a cushioned chair designed with a padded base and backs seating. These foam pads are flexible, and so they adjust by the posture of the person. This feature offers complete comfort to the users.

The foams used in the chair is thick, and so the chair lasts long than the conventional means. This chair has steel frame design with it. The steel is polished with chromium, and so it suits perfectly in modern interiors. Further, the base of the chair is designed with wheels. With these wheels, you can easily move them to various locations.

In addition to the above features, the height of the chair can be adjusted adequately with the help of the knob given near the seat. You can use this chair for even standing desks and in other places. Apart from this, there is a ring at the middle of the seat. This ring is used for relaxing the legs perfectly for a long time.

5. Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair

Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair is the next important and useful chair that ranks fifth in the list. It is an innovative chair designed with many features. This chair offers both back and base support to the users.

The back support given by this chair has meshes, and so your shoulders rest freely with free flow of air. Further, the base of this chair is well-cushioned with soft foam padding. This padding helps the user to rest comfortably for a long time. This is also an adjustable chair in which the height can be adjusted to various levels.

Apart from this, the steel frame adds a feature to the product. The steel frame has a sturdy design with it, and so you can use them for withstanding various temperatures and pressure conditions. Further, the steel frame is well polished with chromium design. It adds durability and excellent look to the users.

6. Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool

The next standing desk chair in the list is the Eurotech Apollo Mesh Drafting Chair. This chair is built with various adjacent features and functions. This drafting chair is also a cushioned and meshed chair designed mainly for office and workspace use.

The unique feature of this office chair is its design. The entire chair has steel design with it. Further, the base of the chair has wheels with it. These wheels are used for porting the product to various places as per as the need of the user.

This chair also has armrests with it. Further, the seating is padded with high-quality foam material. The back portion has meshed design, and it also offers complete comfort to the users. Similar to other chairs, there is an adjustable knob beneath the seat. This adjustable knob is useful, and with this, you can easily alter the position of the chair to various heights.

7. LexMod Edge Drafting Stool

The next useful product in the list is LexMod Edge Drafting Stool. This is a useful chair designed with breathable mesh at its back. These breathable meshes offer complete comfort to the users at the back. In addition to this, the base of the chair is padded with the help of high-quality foam.

The seating is made up of leather, so it avoids any dirt or dust sticking to it. Further, cleaning the chair is very simple, and you can do it easily with the help of the wet cloth. In addition to this, the chair also has an adjustable knob at the bottom of the seat. This knob is used for adjusting the height of the product.

This is an adjustable chair designed with armrest and limbs rest feature. Both these features relieve stress to a great extent. Further, the chair also has rotatable wheels at the bottom. These wheels are useful, and with them, you can replace the seat in various locations.

8. Kore Design Standing Desk Chair

The eighth chair in the list is the Kore Everyday Chair. The important feature of this chair is its design. It is a perfect standing desk chair that can be used in all types of desk and tables. This chair is designed similar to that of a nail. The features offered by this product is also high, and this increases various important functions of the product.

This chair does not offer an arm or back support. The base of the chair is designed with the help of cushioned seating. This base is attractive, and it provides complete comfort and support to the people. It is a smooth operating chair that operates flexibly in all the type of conditions and situations.

It is a specially designed indoor chair that has a steel base in it. The steel used in the chair is well polished with high-quality materials. This polished steel offers corrosion resistant technology, and so it lasts longer. In addition to this, the height of the steel is adjustable, and so you can use the product in various heights.

9. Wobble Stool Standing Desk Chair

The standing desk chair that ranks 9th in the list is the Wobble Stool By Uncaged Ergonomics. It is a simple easy to use a stool that can be used perfectly in all type if environmental conditions and situations. The important feature of this stool is its design.

Unlike other, this stool does not use a knob or lever for adjusting its height. In turn, this chair comes with unique height adjustment feature. The chair can be set quickly to various heights. Further, the base of the stool has a unique design. With this base, you can access the stool at any directions.

Further, this is a frameless chair that has a rounded base design. The weight of the chair is also very less, and so you can move this chair to various locations easily. The bottom of the stool has rubber design, and so the stool doesn’t skid or fall on any locations.

Watch this video to know more about the product in detail.

10. Cool Living Mesh Armless Drafting Chair

The product that ranks 10th in the list is Cool Living Stand Up Desk or Chair. The important function of this standing desk chair is its features. Similar to another chair, this chair also has steel design with it. The steel used in this chair is sturdy and is coated with advanced materials. This offers corrosion resistant feature to the users.

The seat used within the chair is padded, and so the chair provides flexibility to the users. Further, the chair also provides support to the back with the help of breathable meshed lining. Further, the height of the chair can be adjusted easily with the aid of knob given in the base of the chair.

The chair also has a ring set-up at the bottom. This ring is used for relaxing the product completely in any conditions and situations. Further, the base of the chair is wheeled, and so you can carry the product to various places easily.

Final Words

The above mentioned are various important features, uses and top picks of the standing desk chair. So, afford a best standing desk chair for your work space and increase your efficiency in working.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries, comment it in the box given below

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