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Top 10 Best Mattress Foundation 2018

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After purchasing the memory foam mattresses, the first thing that strikes in owners mind is, “Should I buy foundation for this mattress?” Of course, you can put your mattress on the floor and it performs firmer on the solid floor but if you use solid foundation, it provides additional stability for the mattress and extra comfort for the sleeper.


Simply putting the mattress on the floor, moves around easily, causes wear and tear which reduces the life span of the mattress so it is very important to buy the best foundation for your mattress to keep the structure of the mattress impaired in any way.

Choosing the best foundation for your mattress not only helps to prevent sagging, and other damages of the mattress, it also provides exceptional comfort and durability for the mattress. But when you choose the foundation for your mattress, you have to ensure some criteria otherwise you can end up with a foundation that is useless and unstable.

How to choose a memory foam foundation

Proceed below to check the features you need to look for while choosing the memory foam foundation


The material is important for every product. In that case, mattress foundations are made with different kinds of material but the best one among others is wood. Wood gives extended life span to the mattresses and it provides maximum comfort for the mattresses. Since wood has a longer life span so that you don’t need to replace it for several years.


The foundation that you select for your mattress should be similar to your mattress otherwise it destroys your mattress stability and balance.


If you want perfect balance between your mattress and foundation, then you should pick the optimum size foundation for your mattress. Neither the smaller size nor the larger size foundations give the balance as same as the right size foundations.


While you select the foundation, you have to consider its warranty and it should be at least 3 to 4 years since you are going to invest a lot of money on this.


You have to check whether it is able to handle pressure and weight because the prime reason to buy a foundation is to provide the stability.

Types of foundations to choose

Adjustable Bed Bases

Adjustable bed bases work well with memory foam mattresses and you can put the mattresses in any position on the foundation because the memory foam mattresses contour itself easily and fit into it. This foundation doesn’t sag or deform and it has natural open cell structure so it improves the breathability.

Memory foam mattresses give maximum comfort even for the inclination bed bases so if you buy memory foam mattresses with these adjustable base foundations, you can sleep in any position.

Platform/Slatted Foundations

Generally, these kinds of foundations are made from foldable metal frames or wooden slats, but both are provided with the spaces and the holes between the rods that make this foundation perfect for memory foam mattresses.

Its breathability prevents the overheating of the mattresses and gives more comfort. Compared to wooden frames, metal frames are easy to use and you can use it as a replacement of both bed frame and box spring.

Some kinds of metal frames are flexible so it gives you greater support whereas wooden foundations are sturdy and rigid and you can fix these wooden slats foundation easily by yourselves.

Types of foundations to avoid

Traditional Box Springs

Traditional box springs foundations are the not recommended one for memory foam mattresses because using the memory foam mattresses along with traditional box springs foundations may void the warranty.

New box springs are made with some middle support bars to provide additional stability to the mattress and it also prevents the sagging of the mattresses.


Simply put the memory foam mattress on the plywood foundations doesn’t stop the mattress from moving which leads to wear and tear and it also reduces the lifespan of the mattress.

Check out our top 10 picks of best mattress foundation

Handy Living Bed Frame

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Handy living bed frames are available in both metals, woods and each of them has distinct features, specifications to give stability and comfort for mattresses. Since this handy living king size bed frame is enveloped with box spring, you do not require any box spring separately.

This king size bed is established with 8 sturdy legs for providing maximum support and stability for the mattresses and it has clearance under the bed which gives you extra spacing for storage.

This bed frame is provided with a standard height of 14 inches and it gives a solid support for the mattresses and also provides the even body distribution throughout the sleeping time.

Benefits metal bed frame

This metal frame is established with sinuous spring base which sleeves the entire frame and the reinforced steel corners furnish supplementary strength for providing extended durability and support. This metal bed frame doesn’t need box spring since it has 8 hefty legs and it will take only 30 minutes to assemble the whole structure. It provides additional storage space under its 14 inches bed frame.

Benefits wood slat bed frame

It presents 13 inches under bed clearance to maximize your storage space and it offers 2 inch wide birch wood slats for distributing the weight evenly. Its timeless design provides maximum comfort and support for the mattresses and you can easily assemble the whole assembly without utilizing any additional tools.

Zinus 18 inches Smart base

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Zinus 18 inches smart base mattress foundations offer magnificent support for the mattresses and it also averts the mattress from sagging so you can expect even distribution from this smart base mattress foundation. It gives extended life span for mattresses and it is perfectly suitable for lower profile mattresses.

Zinus smart base mattress foundation requires no additional box springs so the bed can be simply laid on the smart base and it bestows extra lift if the mattress needs. It grants additional 4 inches storage under the bed frame and its folding design makes possible the easy transportation even through the stairways and it can also easily slip through the tight doorways.

Since it is very strong and sturdy, it gives peerless support and comfort for the mattresses for several years and its strong weight carrying capacity supports load between 450 and 500 pounds throughout its life span. It also comes with 5 year limited warranty.

This smart base mattress foundation is provided with reinforced edges for giving supplementary support for the mattresses which stop the sagging of the mattresses and provides durability. The legs of the zinus mattress foundations are distinctively shaped for providing support and it is built with plastic caps for guarding the floors.

Olee sleep mattress foundations

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Olee sleep metal mattress foundations provide support and comfort for the mattresses and it evenly distributes the weight across the surface. It is manufactured with the maximum height of 14 inches and it is also provided with additional storage space for increasing storage.

Even though it is made up of heavy duty steel, you can easily assemble the whole structure and no additional tools are required for this. It’s strong and sturdy steel frame eliminates the possibilities of bending or sagging over time.

It is constructed with metal side rails and it is also provided with additional central support. This unique construction enhances the stability of the frame even more. This foundation can bear weight up to 1200 pounds and its faux leather frame gives proper support and even weight distribution.

Though it has many positive reviews from customers, there were also some negative reviews but these do not seem to be the major problems so overall this is a good product.

The dynasty mattress wood box foundation

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The dynasty mattress wood box foundation is made up of high quality spruce wood and this sturdy material makes possible the even distribution of weight and it also gives supreme support for the mattresses. The solid wood is smoothly sanded for supporting all types of mattresses and it performs well for memory foam mattresses.

It’s strong and sturdy material made this box foundation very durable and it also performs well even under pressure and heavy weight. Its distinctive construction avoids sagging and the movements of the mattresses so it doesn’t cause any wear and tear. Since it allows no movement, there will be no noise concerns and this box foundation is also built with a cover for expeditious assembly and disassembly of the structures.

Since it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, you can easily collapse it when you need to and it will not take more than 10 minutes to reassemble the whole structure. So you can easily store and transport them. This wood box foundation is provided with a fire retardant cover and the necessary tools to fix this with a foundation box.

The grade of wood used in this mattress foundation is poor so if your mattress is thin, you might feel discomfort while you sleep otherwise it is a good foundation for all kinds of mattresses.

Zinus deluxe 16 inches mattress foundation

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Zinus deluxe mattress is provided with 9 sturdy plastic legs for providing maximum comfort and support for the mattresses and its sturdiness makes this mattress foundation very durable. Its faux leather padding gives incredible looking even for smaller rooms.

This faux leather cushioning is very comfortable to lean and soft to touch as well.  It can fit into any decor with its perfect blend of cozy and modern shade. This mattress foundation is the easily assemble foundation compared to the other mattress foundations.

10 wooden slats are provided with this zinus deluxe mattress foundation and they are put together by Velcro strips for supplying requisite support and auxiliary security. It gives both traditional and modern looking and comes in 3 different sizes: king, queen, full.

This mattress foundation gives your room a luxurious look at an affordable price and many customers gave positive reviews for this mattress foundation. This foundation doesn’t need any box spring or bed frame for providing additional stability. Its reinforced edges assure the stability and durability of the mattresses and it also avoids the sagging of the mattresses. The manufacturer provides 5 year limited warranty for this product.

Classic brands 8 inch instant foundation

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This classic 8 inch mattress foundation is suitable for all sorts of mattresses and it is the possible substitution for the box spring foundations. It is built with a hard spruce wood to prevent sagging and distribute the weight well along the surface. Since it doesn’t bend, it gives firm support and the stability for the mattresses.

It’s high quality and timeless construction design make this product very unique and it gives noise free bedroom. This foundation is quite simple to assemble and disassemble so if you want to shift this foundation to upper stairs you can easily collapse it and put them in a small box to carry. So it is very easy to store and transport.

This product also comes with the assembly instructions, required parts and, the tools to assemble so you can easily assemble this foundation within 20 to 30 minutes without having any difficulties. It provides comfort and support for the mattresses and you can get this product at low cost.

For providing long lasting performance, it is underpinned with wooden slats and it gives needed support for the mattresses. So even if it doesn’t perform well, you can add more wooden slats for providing added stability.

LUCID foldable mattress foundation

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This LUCID foldable bed frame and mattress foundation is specially equipped with various features and it can hold up to 2000 lbs. Since this mattress foundation is very stable, it provides greater stability and support for the mattresses for an extended period.

Its distinctive design makes this product perfect for all kinds of mattresses and it provides incredible support for memory foam mattresses. It has many wonderful features and specifications so it eliminates the needs of the box spring foundations and it is the perfect substitution for the box spring foundations.

It provides 13 inch additional storage beneath the foundation and it is assisted by a wire guard that is welded together with the lattice work for adding more stability and support. This foldable mattress foundation is very easy to fold and store.

Pragma memory foam mattress foundation

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This pragma memory foam mattress foundation is one of the best mattress foundations out there and it is provided with amazing features to assist the mattresses. The important feature of this product is it is foldable so you can easily fold this foundation and store it in a small place.

This pragma memory foam mattress foundation is very easy to collapse and set up for everyday use since the bold connections are very easy to remove. The metal strands in the pragma foundation are provided very close to support the mattresses and it gives foremost comfort too.

Since it is foldable, you can use it for guest beds and when you don’t need this you can easily fold it and put away. For maximum stability and safety, it is provided with heavy duty steel construction and it has 13 inch additional storage under the foundation. It is powder coated for giving a perfect finish and long lasting performance.

CPS premium easy fit box spring foundation

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This box spring foundation is made up of one of the hardest woods spruce so this foundation is very stronger and sturdier. Its unique construction and design make this product suitable for all kinds of mattresses, including memory foam mattresses.

Its solid construction makes this product rigid and stiff so it doesn’t shake or move when you use it and it is easily collapsible for easy transportation and storage. As the name implies, it doesn’t feel springy so it won’t make any noises while you sleep on it.

This memory foam mattress foundation is FSS certified and it is also eco-friendly. Its high standards made this product perfect alternative to traditional box spring foundation. It has very strong frame because the joints and the connections in the foundation are double stapled and it is very easy to assemble which will only take 10 minutes.

Reverie 5D Deluxe

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The reverie 5D deluxe adjustable bed is the perfect mattress foundation for every bedroom and its gray upholstery fits into any decor. The important feature of this mattress foundation is its flexibility and adjustability.

You can adjust the bed level into two programmable positions with its remote control and you can also raise your head and foot into any angle to ensure your convenience. It also relieves your pressure and lower spine pains.

Its pre-set position let your air ways open when you sleep so it reduces snoring and it also has 10 distinct levels of massage controls for individual body parts such as foot, head and so on. It can carry the load up to at 850 pounds and it also comes with 20 year warranty.

The Bottom Line

Hope you have found the right type of mattress foundation for you. If you have any ideas, thoughts, queries regarding the topic, please let us know through the comment section below.

Have you used anyone of these above mattress foundations before?

We would appreciate it if you share your experience with us.

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