Top 7 Best Learning Towers & Kitchen Helpers of 2019

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Having childrens at your home? Yes? then you will defenitely experience the below scenerios in your home often.

A child climbing on the heights to take their playing toys, washing their hands of their own, looking themselves at the mirror and much more.

I know all will agree with me, it seems to be cute,learning tower kitchen helper  Standing in a higher place is okay but what about the safety? You cannot let your child stand on a stool or at a height that has a significant distance from the floor.

Using Learning Tower or Kitchen Helper would be the best resolution for these problems.

Why Learning Tower or Kitchen Helper?

Nowadays the kids are becoming more enthusiastic, and they are bold enough to do any challenging things ,but there are high chances that things can turn dangerous to them. 

To prevent the children from any falling accidents from heights, choosing the best Learning Tower or Kitchen Helper will be the best and acceptable idea. 

There are different types of learning towers that would be suitable for every kid with different height and weight. As it is lightweight and portable, you can move it wherever you child wish. So it will be highly useful for the parents when they are in any work.  

Learning Tower Vs Kitchen Tower

From the design, you may think both learning tower and kitchen tower are same. But they vary in specific features, you can check out the differences below. 

The Function of Learning Tower

Learning Tower helps the parents to safeguard their children from falling from a high distance. It is a useful product that helps you to keep your children safe, Your child can be comfortable when they stand in it. 

The sides of the device will help the child to be safe inside it, and it does not allow to slip out. The outer aspect of the tower will permit area for drawing or writing on it. So, the kids will be enjoying this feature and will be concentrating on the tower.

The Function of Kitchen Helper

The Kitchen Helper is a user-friendly device for the kids. To handle your naughty child, you can use this device. It functions in an excellent manner and makes you and your baby comfortable. There will be steps within the kitchen helpers, where your baby will be safe with the sidewalls.

Difference Between Learning Tower and the Kitchen Helper

Both look same in the design, but there is little difference in their features, but both help to safeguard your baby safely. 

By using the Learning Tower, the kids can stand ahead and have contact with the higher places. They can use the side walls as the board to write and draw. It makes your child comfortable and attracts the attention of your child. It comes with sturdy legs, and so it cannot be foldable like the Kitchen Helper.

The Kitchen Helper is also a similar device that functions with the same features, Your children can stand in it safely with the help of the protecting walls. The boards that hold the kid inside will be stable and does not allow any breakages in it. You can fold this device if the device is not in use. 

Here is a Youtube that explains the difference between Learning Tower and Kitchen Helper in detail.

Top Picks of Learning Tower and Kitchen Helper

Name Key FeatureMaterial 
GuidecraftAdjustable Height Kitchen StoolBirch plywood, Polyurethane Check Price
Little PartnersNon Toxic Lead Free PaintWood Check Price
Little HelperMultiple Height AdjustmentWood Check Price
Little PartnersSturdy and solid constructionBirch Wood Check Price
Little PartnersRemovable side panelsHardwood Check Price
ChuangkeRobust BaseWood Check Price
Ette TeteSolid ConstructionBirch plywood Check Price

There are many different manufacturers in the market who produces this learning towers and kitchen helpers with more advanced features. I have picked out the best ones that give perfect result and listed it below. 

1. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper is the top-rated devices among the entire kitchen helper products that are available in the market. It is an attractive device which acts as the safety tool among the users. It is to keep your child raised above to have contact with the things that are in the top areas of your room.

The legs of the tower are sturdy, and so it will not allow the child to fall. There will not be any damages found in this device because the construction of this tower has the usage of high-quality wood materials in it. It is lightly weighted so you can carry the device from one area to another place quickly without any struggling.

The design of the helper comes with attractive construction, and it attracts the customers and makes them purchase it. There are a wipe-off marker and chalkboard on the side of the device. Your child can enjoy it by drawing and writing on it. This feature attracts the kids and does not make them try any other naughty things.

The durability of this device is high, and the reason is the usage of high-quality raw materials and the perfect design to hold the child in it. It will not allow you to replace it with another device.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Light in weight
  • Durable
  • Expensive

Here is YouTube video that shows how a kid is using the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper easily.

2. Little Partners Learning Tower Kids

The learning towers by Little Partners are the best learning towers in the market. It is an attractive learning tower designed of wood. The wood has a sturdy design with it, and so this learning tower lasts long than other means. Further, it is one of the great learning towers built mainly to comfort the parents.

It is a height adjustable learning tower, and so you can use them for the kids of various heights. Further, it has various added on feature, and so you can use this stool for a different purpose. It can be utilized by the kids in kitchen, bathrooms, basins, studying and for accessing the things at the top.

In addition to this, the learning stool comes with various safety features. Its bonds with your child completely and helps them to do their job freely. Further, the kitchen helper has a non-toxic design with it. Cleaning this helper tool is easy, and so you can quickly increase the hygiene within the house with this tool.

  • Sturdy Design
  • Highly Stable
  • Safety Features
  • Expensive

3. Little Helper Luca and Company Little Helper FunPod

The Luca and Company Little Helper FunPod is a stylish device which has come for helping the kids who like to stand on the higher place. It is one of the top-rated devices which is popular among the customers. It competes with the entire products that are available in the market and wins the highest place in the market.

It comes to safeguard the children when they play, learn or interact in the kitchen. It handles with the kids from 12 months to six years of age. It has side walls, and those will arrest your child and will not allow them to slip out. It protects them when they are standing in high places.

You can adjust the height of the device according to the height of your child. The Funpod construction makes the device to be standard, and these features help the children to be safe. High-quality materials usage is high in the building of this instrument, so the durability of the helper is high.

You will never find any damages in it, and it will not allow you to replace it with any other new device. Your kid will be comfortable inside this instrument, and you will prefer this device in future.

  • Durable
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Non Slippery
  • Takes times during assembly

4. Little Partners Growing Step Stool

The Growing Step Stool is the top rated Kitchen Helper that ranks between the top ten position in the market. It is one of the satisfying devices that comforts you with all the best features. The durability of the helper is the reason for the popularity of this device.

The pink color of the device attracts the customers, and most of them prefer this for their baby girl. The design of the helper is unique, and it helps the children to stand steadily without slipping. The base of the instrument is strong enough, and it will not skid when the kid jumps on it.

It comes with adjusting feature. You can adjust the height of the device according to the distance your child wants to stand. The finishing of the design will not damage the device, and it helps the instrument to be durable. The light weighted feature of the device will help you to move it from one area to another location without struggling.

It will step up your child and allows to have contact with the dining table and other places in the kitchen. The side walls of the device protect your kid and do not let to fall.

  • Non Skidding Materials used
  • Lightweight
  • Indulges multiple safety features
  • Can be used only for toddlers

5. Little Partners Learning Tower Quality Learning Furniture

Another important product from Little Partners brand is the Learning Tower Quality Learning Furniture. It is a specially designed kid learning tower that takes place at various locations other than the kitchen. You can use this Stool for studying, accessing things at the top, in bathrooms, and other places.

This table comes with a blackboard and kids can use this board to learn many things. Further, the Blackboard also has flip chart fitting clips with it. This feature will help you to increase the artistic value of your kids. Further, suing this table is simple, and kids themselves can operate the table.

The next important factor of the product is quality. This stool comes with a sturdy wooden material that lasts long in various conditions. It increases the bonding between kids and parents. Further, it offers higher comfort and safety to the users. Kids can enjoy themselves within this stool.

  • Multi-Purpose tool
  • Lightweight
  • Non Skippable
  • Uneven Arrangements of screws

6. Chuangke KIDS Children Wooden Kitchen Helper Learning Stool Chair

The Chuangke KIDS Children Kitchen Helper is one of the best devices among the kitchen helpers that are available in the market. It is popular among the place where toddlers are high.

It helps you to place your baby in a safe area with a particular distance from the floor with the help of these protection walls. The usage of the high-quality wood is high and they are made up of high grage quality which ensures the durability.

Inside this device, your kid will be safe and comfortable. The light weighted feature in it will help the user to move it from one area to another place in an easy way without struggling. The base of the device is robust, and so it will not allow the child in it to slip out.

Your kids will not disturb you to wash their hands and just by using this device they climb by their own and wash hands in a safe manner. It suits the children between one to five.  There will not be any breakages in the legs of the instrument.

  • Light weight
  • Solid Construction
  • Robust base with safety features
  • Lags in Color option

7. Ette Tete Learning Tower

The Learning Tower from Ette Tete brand is a high-quality learning product that offers many functions. It is a convertible learning tower that can be used both as a baby floor seat and as a stool. A high-quality tray takes place within this stool.

This stool is designed and made up of sturdy materials, which can withstand different weather conditions and situations. So that, you can use this Stool flexible in all places. Further, this construction also allows you to use the product in areas filled with water too.

The building of this product is unique, as it has clips within it. These clips are useful, and it interconnects with the other clips. With these clips, you can comfortably use this product as a table or a tower. You can use this tower in all type of places and conditions.

  • Convertible Learning Tower
  • Comfortable use
  • Perfect for any conditions or places
  • Not Good in Design


Best Sellers

ProductOur Ratings 
1Guidecraft Kitchen Helper - Natural: Adjustable Hight Kitchen Counter Stool Tower For Toddlers4 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
2Little Partners Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool for Toddlers or Any Little Helper - Natural4.5 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
3Little Helper FunPod Kitchen Step Stool Tower with Adjustable Height, Grey4 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
4Little Partners 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool, Pink4.5 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
5Little helper tower / table / chair all-in-one, Montessori learning stool, kitchen step stool - WOODEN color4 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon

Final Words

Hope the above functions, differences between learning towers and kitchen helpers along with the top seven best picks will help you to choose the right type of learning tower or kitchen helper for your home.

If you have any doubts and if you like to share any information related to the above article you can go ahead by commenting in the section below. 

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