2019’s Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours [Ergonomic, Comfortable, & Healthier]

Last updated on December 10th, 2019

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In olden days, people had a lot of occupations like hunting, gathering, and so on. Even our grandparents who lived before 30 years had occupations like agriculture, merchandise, fishing etc.

But none of them sat idle confined to a place. They spin about throughout the day in order to get optimal results and have job satisfaction. But, today all the jobs come in front of your computer screen which makes you sit in front of it without any movement. This creates a numb feeling in the body of the user and from then starts various health disorders.

The first and foremost health issue shall be a headache, which occurs by prolonged exposure of your eye to the illuminated screen. There are also other problems like heat stroke, piles, eye irritation, depression, nausea, back pain, numbness, leg pain etc and all these issues occur to an individual just by sitting in a chair for a long time.

Especially, issues pertaining to back pain are caused due to wrong sitting postures in the chair and the structure of the chair over which you sit also matters. While sitting on a chair, it is always recommended to follow certain rules which shall keep you from back pain.

Best Overall Computer Chairs

BestOffice High Back Office Chair

  • Excelant Comfort
  • Flexible Operation
  • Explosion-Proof Tray
  • Adjustable Positioning
  • Ergonomic Construction
  • Great Stability & Mobility
  • Private Custom With Tilt Lock
No1 Position

Some people maintain a good position on a chair initially, but as time fleets they start to loosen or tighten their hands, wrists and other body. Apart from the posture of your sitting, the structure of the chair can also add to your health loss.

Chairs which are manufactured at an angle of 90° shall also be a great cause for a person to suffer from back pain as there shall be no way for the user to stretch his muscles, legs and back as he sits throughout the day thereby resulting in the deterioration in the health of the individual.Additionally, the chair should be flexible to some extent, so that the user shall have some comfort while sitting on the chair.

Some of the chairs are manufactured in a way which adapts with the body shape. Special cushion pads are used to support the hips and neck to keep the user immune from the health disorders. A comfortable office chair should have some features which cannot be expected from an ordinary chair.

It should have swiveling mechanism with which the user can move to short distances inside the working area.It should also posses casters, adjustable heights, adjustable arm support height, lumbar supports, neck support an more importantly, the base plate of the chair should have high degree of comfort and should possess numerous perforations to allow good amount of air to flow through it.

Listed below are some computer chairs which can provide best support and convenience to the user. Scroll your mouse to have a look at it.

10 Best Computer Chairs Reviewed

1. BestOffice High Back Office Chair

BestOffice High Back Office Chair is a simplified chair without any additional decorations. All the accessories used in this chair have a specific function to perform. It is built with a generous size of about 20 x 20 inches which provides more comfort for the users. The base plate of the Best Office High Back Office Chair is slightly curved thereby allowing the user to relax the muscles at the back and thighs. This setup shall allow an empty space at the rear end of the chair which supports adequate ventilation to the lower body.

Moreover, the chair is designed in such a way that the lumbar and the back portion of the body adapts with the body of the chair thereby reducing the risk of any health issues. As discussed earlier, a perfect posture to sit in a chair shall be attained by having a 100° between the thighs and the lower leg.

By having constant height of a chair, people with different heights shall not be able to attain the specified degree. Hence, the presence of the adjustable height is mandatory in a computer chair which is available in this Best Office High Back Office Chair.The height of the seat of the chair can be adjusted from 19 to 23 inches.

The back plate of the seat is 28 inches in length and 20 inches in breadth and hence suitable for obese person. The recommended weight limitation of this chair is around 250 lbs. Persons who are heavier than 250 lbs are not supposed to use this Best Office High Back Office Chair due to its limited weight bearing capacity. Additionally, this chair which can swivel 360° also has the facility of adjustable seat tilt tension.

  • Water resistence
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Soft PU leather upholstery
  • Less lumbar support

2. SPACE Seating AirGrid Dark Chair

SPACE AirGrid Dark Chair is an exquisite piece of equipment which has been designed even by concentrating on the concealed nuances. This chair is lightweight and also user-friendly equipment. Usually, expensive chairs are brought to prevent any health issues which are aggravated due to prolonged sedentary life. This SPACE AirGrid Dark Chair is made up of eco leather which proves to strong enough to encounter rough conditions. Although eco- leather is used in this chair, it shall be used for comfort but is not perforated to allow air to pass through it.

Hence, ventilation to your back is a big question mark. In order to provide ample ventilation, the SPACE AirGrid Dark Chair is reinforced with the meshed grid at the lateral regions of the base plate and the entire backplate. The grids in the back plate serves as a cushion to the user due to its flexible nature.

It also provides good ventilation to the body thereby reducing stress, irritation, and sweat in the concealed parts of the body.The height of the chair can be adjusted with the pneumatic control which controls the air inside the cylinder to move the seat up and down. The armrests are made up of soft polyurethane materials which can soothe and comfort the hands and the shoulders while you perform any operation on your keyboard.

Additionally, the tilt tension of the back plate can also be adjusted using the knob at the bottom of the seat. Further, the nylon casters at the bottom shall allow you to move the chair on the carpet without getting toppled.

  • Adjustable Tilt Tension
  • Adjustable Angled Arms
  • 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control
  • Noisy

3. Fic max High Back Computer Chair

Fic max High Back Computer Chair is a muscular type of chair built with the ergonomic design to support the user in many ways. This chair has many spectacular designs of which the backward bending is a noteworthy feature. The centre of gravity of chair can be adjusted as per the weight and support of the user to lie backwards at 180°without toppling from the chair. Hence, working, gaming, reading, resting can be done on this multi-purpose chair itself without any difficulty.

The metal frame of the Ficmax High Back Computer Chair is made up of high standard metal frame and the springs are made with international quality which prevents the chair from losing balance. Moreover, the seats are made up of high quality polyurethane leather which is highly oil and water resistant.

The high density sponge used in the seat has good permeability thereby allowing surplus ventilation to the lower body. There is a retractable footrest cushion which shall be useful to the user while reading and resting.Further, the Ficmax High Back Computer Chair is supported by the removable lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow which supports your lower back and neck respectively.

Also, it also possesses features like adjustable seat heights and armrests as per the height of the user. The 360 ° swiveling option of the chair is also available which shall be very helpful when you interact with your co-worker. The casters at the base of the chair also support to perform minor movements using the Ficmax High Back Computer Chair.

  • Retractable Footrest
  • Adjustable Headrest Pillow
  • Lumbar Massager Support
  • Assembly is not easy

4. ​Modway Edge Computer Chair

Modway Edge computer chair is a compact and stylish piece of equipment which comforts the user in many ways. The base plate of the Modway Edge computer chair is made up of breathable cushion wrapped with a vinyl cover which serves to be a comfortable cushion for the user who sits on the chair for a long time. The metal frame of the Modway Edge computer chair is very reliable and strong which makes the user to think that they shall not stumble.

The five legs with the two-tone base at the bottom are supported by the nylon casters which hold the weight of the individual. The stylish anterior portion of the chair is made up of a mesh arrangement which allows ample air to flow through the chair.

Thus the rear part of the body can get enough amount of ventilation and provides immunity to various health issues like back pain, sweat, burns, stink etc. Modway Edge computer chair is supported with a synchronous tilt adjustment which allows the individual to tilt backwards by having their legs on the ground thereby, preventing the individual from falling down.

The cylinder below the seat is a reinforced by a gas spring which helps in the easy traversal of moving the seat up and down. Hence this Modway Edge computer chair shall be helpful to many individuals with varying heights. The armrests are also wrapped with the cushion sponge and the padded leather in order to provide exact comfort to the hands and shoulders of the user.

  • Flip-Up Arms
  • 5 dual-wheeled casters
  • 2 tone five-star nylon base
  • Less fluffy

5. Boss Office Products Computer Chair

Boss Office Computer Chair is meticulously designed superior quality equipment which can render the user with immense comfort. True to the name, the Boss Office Computer Chair is somewhat bigger than other type of chairs which is very much suitable for a boss of an organization. The skin of this reputed chair is made up of black care soft plush leather which is very soft to interact with the body of the user. Since the skin of this boss chair is very light and dual-layered, the top layer acts as a chair pad providing a good amount of ventilation to the body.

The frames used in this Boss Office Computer Chair are made up of brushed metal which provides extraordinary balance to the individual using the chair. The casters of this chair has a generous length of 3 inch which can provide easy sliding and at the same time it can confer the required grip to avoid stumbling.

The pneumatic control at the base of the chair can be pushed to adjust the height of the chair and this change in height shall prevent health issues regarding knees and joints.The back plate of the seat has appropriate curves which shall get adjusted to the spine of the user and thus prevent spine related troubles.

Moreover, the pneumatic control the bottom shall provide a good swivel mechanism which allows the chair to revolve on one axis. Additionally, this Boss Office Computer Chair is equipped with the cushioned armrests which are very helpful while using keyboard and mouse. Moreover, Boss Office Computer Chair has an astonishing feature of withstanding the weight up to 350 lbs.

  • Double Plush Leather
  • Spring tilt mechanism
  • Brushed metal five star base
  • Squeaks

6. Modway Articulate Computer Chair

Modway Articulate Computer Chair is a precisely designed computer chair which is completely built with nylon. The major portion of the frames is built with nylon in order to provide better grip even over polished surfaces. The entire chair is designed in a royal black color which is extremely reliable to sustain ergonomic wear and tear. The base plate of the chair is made up of black meshed cushion which allows plenty of air into the chair thus enhancing the breathability of the chair.

The back plate also consists of minute perforations which allow air to provide ample ventilation to the lower back of the body. At the same time, the mesh in the back plate is also elastic in nature thereby endowing the user with complete contentment.

There is a central cylinder which is housed inside nylon housing. This cylinder is equipped with an adjustable lever at the side of the chair to modify the height of the chair and also the back plate is also reinforced with the frames to withstand the weight of the user while leaning over it.

Moreover, Modway Articulate Computer Chair is also supported by a knob at the bottom of the chair which when adjusted enables backward leaning of the chair. The tilt can be locked at any angle depending upon the requirement of the user by using a tilt and lock mechanism.

Above all, the dual tone base which provides additional support to the user also helps the individual to swivel the chair around an axis.

  • 360 degree swivel
  • 6” thick mesh cushion
  • Passive lumbar support
  • Armrests too far away from body

7. Herman Miller Computer Chair

Herman Miller Computer chair is a skillfully designed and spectacular product which soothes the user with great satisfaction. Unlike any other chair in this list, the base plate and the back plate of the Herman Miller Computer chair is made of meshed synthetic material. This meshed synthetic material is allows the air to flow to all parts of the body. Thus no part of your body shall sweat and be subjected to irritations, burns, itches, pains etc.

Since, the synthetic material used in the Herman Miller Computer chair is elastic in nature it also proves to be an extraordinary cushion to the user. Moreover, the back plate of this Herman Miller Computer chair is adaptable to the shape of the human spine and hence it reduces the back pain to a great extent.

Additionally, the lumbar region is pushed forward to provide support to the hip which is the first target for the pain when a user follows improper sitting posture.The back plate of this hi-tech chair can be tilted to the back and front; at the same time it can be locked at any tilt position depending upon the requirement of the user.

Apart from tilting, this chair can be made flexible without locking the tilt mechanism. Further, like any other computer chair, Herman Miller Computer chair is also supported by 5 wheel casters which enable the user to move freely inside the workplace without getting up from the chair.

  • Rear Tilt Lock
  • 6 colors and 3 sizes
  • Synthetic materials used
  • Hard plastic

8. Ergohuman Euro-Tech Mesh Computer Chair

Euro-tech Mesh Computer Chair is a dominant chair which serves as a member of many businesses oriented with white collar jobs. It is a worthwhile computer chair in which entire seat is made up of synthetic mesh. This mesh ventilates the body of the user plenty of air. 

The back plate of the computer chair is made up of three segments in which the lumbar segment is slightly brought forward which serves like a pillow to your hip. The base of the computer chair is made up of 5 legs each of which is bolstered by a separate caster.

In order to withstand the weight of the user, the frames of this computer chair is made of metal. Moreover, the tilt tension option can be either adjusted to keep the back plate of the chair flexible or it can be locked to keep it sturdy. At the same time, the tilt adjustments can be made at variable angles and can be locked at a particular position as per the user’s need.

There is a mesh at the top of chair which supports the head of the user providing maximum relaxation to an individual. Additionally, the adjustments in the height of the arm and seat can be made with the control at the base of the seat.

  • 6 colors
  • Nylon Casters base
  • Tilt tension control
  • Hard to adjust headrest

9. Office Factor Computer Chair

Office Factor sturdy computer chair is a stylish and decorous chair which has been manufactured to suit various official situations. True to its name, the body is made up of very strong metallic frames whose seat is made up cushion coated with the vinyl material.

Due to the permeability of the cushion used in the chair, excessive sweat can be avoided while doing prolonged work using the system. The synthetic mesh at the back of the back plate serves to be a wonderful cushion and as a ventilator.The Office Factor sturdy computer chair has the swivel mechanism like any other office chair, but it is backed by the gas lift mechanism which pushes the seat up and down. Adjustments in the height of the chair shall be made with a control prong which extends to the side of the chair.

This Office Factor sturdy computer chair is flexible at various angles along with the base plate and hence while adjusting the chair proper concentration needs to be given to your foot. Adjustments are available in such a way that the tilt can be locked in four different positions in this Office Factor sturdy computer chair. Conclusively, this chair can hold a maximum weight of about 250 lbs.

  • Mesh Bonded Leather
  • Four lockable positions at back
  • 55kg Foam Density Double Handle
  • Difficult to adjust armrest

10. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair is a superb looking chair which comes in variety of colors like green, blue, white, orange, purple etc. It is made up of steel frames whose controls are kept compact. The backplate and the base plate are coated with the same type of meshed material which provides an astounding look to the viewers.

There are two knobs at the sides of the Steelcase Gesture Chair in which the first knob controls the height and the depth of the seat whereas the back knob controls the tension of the seat while leaning back.Surprisingly, the arm of the Steelcase Gesture Chair also moves 360° which can be adjust itself as per the movement of the hands of the user.

Usually most of the back pain complaints arise due to the imbalance in the core area. But, Steelcase Gesture Chair provides excess support to the core area thereby reducing the susceptibility to such health issues.

Due to design, it maintains a good posture of the body and hence can be useful to even persons belonging to ages above 40.

  • 360° swivel
  • Two knobs to control
  • Coated with meshed material
  • Non-adjustable lumbar support

Rules Which Shall Keep You From Back Pain

While sitting on a chair, it is always recommended to follow certain rules which shall keep you from back pain.

  • Always push your hips as back as you can while you sit on a chair.
  • Keep the angle of your chair at an angle of 110° (approx).
  • Let your hips be little higher than your knees while you sit.
  • Keep your elbow on the armrests of the chair in order to provide adequate relaxation to your hands.
  • Execute some yoga before you get on your computer.
  • Do small exercises for your wrists, hands, and hips. is a blog that gives full information about furniture (especially bungee chair) and their needs. These furniture are comes with various types; each type and its top picks are explained briefly in our blog. Further, the product description on the blog will help you to understand the product with additional uses.

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