Top 10 Best Audio Gaming Chairs Review [2017]

Buying the best gaming chair will improve your performance and quality of postures in gaming. Most of the hardcore gamers are preferring the best gaming chair to play the high-end games with more dedication. Seriously, Gamers believe that playing games while sitting on the gaming chair feel them in an extraordinary gaming world. To obtain the best gaming experience ever ,you can buy the best type of gaming gaming chair

What is gaming chair and how it works?

Gaming chairs are completely different from the ordinary chairs, they come with a wide range of gaming functionalities. These chairs are launched with the advanced option and they bring you the real gaming experience.

It is designed with the well-padded foam seating that allows you to sit comfortably. It comes with the backrest and armrest as well. It includes speaker port power options and headphone ports.

The headphone port allows you to connect your headphones and also comes with the volume adjustable options. There will be a cable that allows you to connect with the Gaming system. When the power is turn on, the gaming system will send signals via the cable to the chair, now you will be able to hear the gaming audio via the headphone and you can enjoy the gaming.

What are the types of gaming chairs available?

There are two types of gaming chairs available based on the features i.e. Wired gaming chair and wireless gaming chair.

Wired gaming chairs allow you to connect with PC, TV and gaming system via the cable, whereas the Wireless gaming systems offer you to connect the chair with the help of wireless transmitters, this can be plugged to the chair and then connected to the Gaming system by wireless technology.

How to choose the best gaming chair?

Choosing the best gaming chair is an uphill task for you as there are a lot of options available to purchase. If you are having a gaming room at your home and looking for the gaming chair then you should consider some of the important factors before you purchase the one for you, i have listed the attributes below.


Gaming chairs should be compatible with all gaming systems. Nowadays most of the gaming chairs are adapted to any gaming system such as PC, TV and so on. If you want to use your gaming chair for relaxation then you can search some advanced gaming chairs which allow you to connect your iPod and mobile.


Choose a perfect size gaming chair that fits your home perfectly. If you have separate gaming room to play games,then you need not worry about the size.

Gaming feature

Most of the gaming chairs comes with the inbuilt speakers, this also comes with the foldable backrest and armrest option. You should also note which type of chair will perfectly fit your home, whether it is wired or wireless gaming chair. I would suggest wireless gaming chairs  for the advanced gaming experience as it  allows you to connect with  mobile games.


Nowadays the gaming chairs are available with wide range of options such as VHS, CD players, BETA including a variety of stereo systems.Check the accessories whether it works properly or not.


The gaming chair should be comfortable to get a good gaming experience. While choosing the gaming chair you should check whether it has armrest, backrest, and neck rest, as these attributes is must for healthy gaming.

Best Audio gaming chair

In this article, we have focused the best audio gaming chairs. There is a wide range of brands available in the market. But its quite hard if you are going to purchase the gaming chair for the first time. Here you can find the top 10 picks of best gaming chairs. 

Best Audio Gaming Chairs

1. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker is the top most brand for gaming chairs, who provides the quality gaming chair for their customers. X Rockers never compromises on the performance and they deliver the best gaming experience that you have never seen before.

 X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

This chair is designed with fabric material and anextra padded foam for best seating experience. The L-shape design includes the backrest, armrest and neck support. It comes with the gunstock arms that provides the arm support while playing the game. 

It comes with the 4 speakers and the wireless radio transmitter  allows you to enjoy the gaming sound without any bunch of wires. It includes the volume controller that allows you to adjust the gaming sound. This wireless transmitter is compatible with RCA outputs. 

2. Cohesion XP 8.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

Cohesion has released their gaming chair with the advanced gaming option. This is a wired gaming chair that uses cable for connection;and comes with the well-padded gaming chair.

Cohesion XP 8.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

This is a floor gaming chair that allows you to play the game by placing it on the floor. It will make you feel so comfortable and relax. The design is attractive with a foldable option which allows you to save more space on your gaming room.

The backrest can be folded when the gaming chair is not in use, also the seat and backrest are made of thick foam padding material that makes you sit with more comfortable. It comes with the wired receiver that allows you to connect with the gaming chair via the cables. It includes two speakers for gaming sound and volume control to adjust the sound. It needs 6 AA batteries to operate. 

3. Lumisource Boom Chair Stingray

Lumisource is known for its unique design.  This chair has the attractive design with multi-directional tilt that allows you to tilt your position with the chair when you are into the gaming. It comes with  two 2.5″ two-way speakers that allow you to feel the real gaming sound. This chair comes with the rounded bottom for the space saving option that occupies only less space in your room. 

Lumisource Boom Chair Stingray

It includes a folding option that allows you to fold it when the gaming chair is not in use. This chair comes with the 23 x 26 x 27.5 inches dimension that assures the portability.

It supports all mp3, TVs and DVD. Connection is made easy with the wired transmission and also comes with the cable that allows you to connect with the nearby gaming systems.

4. Proxelle Video Game Chair

Proxelle i sone of the well-designed gaming chair, with the help of thischair, you will be able to drive into the real gaming world. It allows you to connect with the video games, TV, and Mp3 players.

Proxelle Video Game Chair

It comes with the 3W speakers that provide the perfect immersion surrounding sound experience. It takes you to the real gaming world where you will experience that you are the one among the real gaming character. 

This strongly designed chair comes with the foldable option that save space in your room. It includes the LED light that will blink up whenever you plug it. It includes the mesh pocket that allows you to place your phone and the control panel system allows you to adjust the volume as much you need.

5. X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker provides the ultimate gaming experience with the well-designed chairs. This chair delivers the wide range of functionalities and makes you enjoy the real gaming. It’s not only a gaming chair but also you can use it for watching TV, listening to music, relaxing and reading. It comes with high-quality speakers that provide the amazing gaming sound atmosphere.

X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

It includes the subwoofer which uses the AFM technology to deliver the immersion surrounding experience. The control system includes volume controllers that allow you to adjust the volume. It includes the headset port. This ergonomic design includes the tilting, swivel functionality that allows you to move along with the gaming. The seat is made of polyester that keeps the chair cool while playing the game. The connection can be done by using cables.

Here is a YouTube video that shows the complete review of X Rocker Commander Audio Gaming Chair.

6. Pyramat S1500W Wireless Sound Rocker

pyramat is the rocking style lounge chair that provides the best gaming experience and allows you to relax by listening to music and other entertaining functionalities.

Pyramat S1500W Wireless Sound Rocker

This gaming chair comes with the inbuilt 2.5 ARX speakers that will take you to the original gaming world. It makes the immersion surrounding atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the gaming sound.

It also allows you to connect with the stereo systems, TVs, and some other entertaining system. It comes with the wireless transmitter that allows you to connect with the gaming system with the wireless technology such as WIFI and Bluetooth.

The control system comes with the volume adjuster that allows you to control the gaming sound. It has 3.5mm audio input which provides the wired connectivity options. The chair is designed with the mesh microfiber fabric that provides the extra comfort on gaming.

7. Impact XRocker Sound Rocker

Impact offers the rocker style audio gaming chair that comes with the wired connectivity option. It delivers the maximum comfort for you while playing the game. It is the lounge chair that has the wide range of functionalities other than gaming such as relaxing, reading and listen to music and so on. If you are the hardcore gamer then it would be the best option for you ever.

Impact XRocker Sound Rocker

This gaming chair is built in with the Two quality speakers that bring the real gaming sound atmosphere to your ear that makes you feel you are one of the gaming characters. It includes the user-friendly control panel system that allows you to access all features.

It comes with the 2.0 wired sound port that allows you to connect with the nearby gaming system. The material is made of ergonomic option which provides the comfort to your back and neck while playing games.

Here is a YouTube that explains the complete review of Impact XRocker Sound Rocker.


8. BoomChair Sky Lounger audio gaming chair

Boomchair offers the ergonomic gaming chair that delivers the best gaming experience ever. This design comes with the backrest, armrest and neck support for the comfort gaming experience. This compact design needs only less space in your gaming room and it can be portable to anywhere. 

BoomChair Sky Lounger audio gaming chair

It comes with the great built-in two 2-way speakers that make the immersion surrounding experience. The 4″ subwoofer brings the real gaming atmosphere. The user input system includes the volume controller along with a handheld remote that includes bass control and volume control.

It is compatible with any gaming system such as TVs, CDs, DVDs, and mp3 players. The seat and backrest are made of thick padding with soft foam material. 

9. Best Choice Products Gaming Chair

The best choice product is one of the top most brands of the seating furniture.If you are looking for the best quality brand gaming chair, then topt to this product without having any chaos. It has the wide range of functionalities that provides the best comfort while gaming.

Best Choice Products Gaming Chair

This is one of the ergonomic chair with the strong wooden inner frame with polyester fabric padding. The headrest comes with the two wired speakers that give the amazing gaming sound close to your ear. The seat includes the Control panel that allows you to adjust the volume and plug the headphone.  It comes with an easy folding option , so that you can fold it when the chair is not in use and also it helps to save your space in the gaming room. It needs 1.5V 6AA batteries to operate.

10. Kids And Adults Gaming Chair by ACE

ACE Offers the best gaming chair for kids and adults with the wide range of gaming options. It would be the best option for someone who looking for the single gaming chair for the whole family member as it suits for both kids and adults. This is best for the hardcore gamers which supports all gaming systems.

Kids And Adults Gaming Chair by ACE

It comes with the 4 high-quality speakers that allow you to feel the real gaming around your surrounding . It includes the subwoofer that brings the multi-sensory gaming experience. The chair is made of reinforced wooden material, padded with the fire retardant foam that makes you feel more comfortable while sitting on the chair. 

Bottom Line…

Hope the buying guide and the best picks of audio gaming chairs will help you to choose the right type of gaming chair for your home, office or any building.

You can share your valualble ideas regarding the buying guid eor product with us through the comment section below.

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