Top 10 Best Dorm Chairs Review (2018)

If you are looking for a dorm chair for your dorm that can provide the best comfort, this article will be the best bet to know the complete details regarding them. I assure you that you will get a clear idea on how to choose a dorm chair effectively and also from the right manufacturer after going through the Best picks of Dorm Chairs and Buying Guide below.

When do you need a Dorm Chair?

When you are moving to a hostel or some other space for a few months or years stay then you will need a chair that provide the support and comfort as your own home, dorm chair would be the perfect pick in this cases.


Affording a chair for your dorm room is a simple task, and you can do this effectively by checking few attributes before you grab a one for you.  

By using these chairs, one can relax when they are alone or with your friends in the dormitory. In addition to this, these chairs also offer an elegant look to your room so that you can make your room look appealing.

Best Dorm Chairs 2018

NameKey FeatureMaterial  
Big JoeDirt-resistantWaterproof fabric Check Price
ZenithenCorrosion resistant600D denier polyester fabric Check Price
IntexPinch-proof designTransparent modern trim Check Price
Urban ShopPolished chrome plating100% polyester fabric material, Thick foam Check Price
ZinusMultiple layers of foam liningThick foam Check Price
MainstaysAttractive DesignHigh-quality foam, 100% polyester material Check Price
Best Choice ProductsConvertible chairBlack ultra-suede fabric Check Price
J&D Outdoor DepotSturdy foldable designSteel, Foam Check Price
GiantexMulti-purposeDense foam Check Price
Merax5 level adjustmentsHigh-quality Foam Check Price

When you are ready to choose a dorm chair, there are few things you need to have in your mind, apart from the features and other specifications you also need to know whether the chair is compatible to provide the best look, comfort, you also need to see the manufacturer you are going to buy the product is good enough and also check whether the products has received positive reviews.

Quality is the important aspect you need to absolutely consider while picking the best dorm chairs. Let’s have a look at our top ten best dormitory chairs in order to help the consumers and readers to pick the best one among the tons of dorm chairs.

1. Big Joe Dorm Chair

The dorm chair that ranks the first in the list is the Big Joe Dorm Chair. The important feature of this chair is its comfort. It is an ultra comfortable chair that can be used by the people of all ages. The comfort of this chair is given by the beans padding used in the chair.

It is a sturdy, dust resistant, stain, and dirt-resistant chair and so you can maintain the properties of the chair for a long time. In addition to this, the chair is built with many functions. The fabric lining the product is the waterproof fabric. With this, the beans within the chairs can be maintained for a long time.

In addition to this, this is a double stitched bag with durable zipper fitting. So the features of the bag last for a long time. The bag also has two storage pockets on it. One pocket is used for storing valuables and the other or water bottles. All these functions add additional performance to the bag.

The dorm chair that is filled with high premium quality UltimaX Beans are refillable and also assures comfort and the durability of the product, available in multiple attractive color options namely flaming red, Sapphire Blue, Radiant Orchid, Spicy Lime, Zebra and Stretch Limo Black.

  • Attached Bottle Holder and pocket
  • Dust and Strain resistant
  • Durable Zipper Lock
  • Small for Teens

Here is a YouTube video that describes the review of Big Joe Dorm Chair in detail.

2. Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

The Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair is the next useful dorm chair in the list. From the name, it is clear that this is a dish chair that resembles the shape of a saucer. Further, it is a bungee chair so that the cords play an important role in this chair.

It is an ultra-compact chair that can be used even in small dorms and rooms. The bungee cords used within the chair has a sturdy design. This design is efficient, and it adds multiple performances. Even kids like this chair because of the use of bungee cords. Further, the bungee cords used within the seating has an attractive color design in it. This feature attracts many kids towards the chair.

Apart from this, the frame of the entire product is designed from high-quality steel material. This steel material is sturdy, and it comes with a black coating. This black coating offers corrosion resistant feature to the users. It is round chair, and so the edges of the seat are covered with the help of 600D denier polyester fabric for addition functions. The entire product is durable, and it lasts long.

The appealing teal color dorm chair is capable of holding 225 lbs weight, the premium quality polyester rim ensures the strength and durability of the product. The frame of the dorm chair is developed with high stability so that there are no chances for slipping, the chair can be folded to a compact size and therefore stored anywhere easily.

  • Used Bungee Cords
  • Black Finish Coating
  • Durable 600D denier polyester
  • Not For Long Period Sitting

3. Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

The dorm chair that ranks third in the list is the Intex Inflatable Empire Chair. The important feature of this chair is its functions. It is an inflatable chair filled with air. , so that you can easily adjusts the dorm chair effectively as per as the position of the people. Hence, the comfort level of this chair is high compared to others.

Though this is an inflatable chair, the color, and appearance of this chair is unique compared to other chairs. The chair has a various attractive color design in it. These designs make this product unique compared to others chairs. With this, you can use this chair suitable for all type of environmental situations.

As this is an inflatable air chair, the bottom of the chair is made up of high-quality materials with the pinch-proof design.  Further, the lower part of this chair is sturdy, and so you can use it in outdoors too. In addition to this, it is a lightweight bag that can be utilized in all types of environmental situations and conditions.

The reinforced bottom with 2-ply makes the dorm chair perfect for any outdoor spaces like deck, lawn, patios etc. Easier, rapid inflation and deflation is easier with the help of the extra wide opening combo valve and the assorted color makes the product preferred one.

  • Inflatable Chair
  • Transparent modern trim
  • Pinch-proof design
  • Little hard to blow up

4. Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair

The chair that ranks fourth in the list is the Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair. It is a simple, innovative round chair designed with cushion. The cushion used within this product is made up thick foam and this offers  more comfort to the users.

The outer covering of this chair is made up of 100% polyester fabric material. This polyester fabric has strong design, and so they withstand various climatic conditions and situations. Further, this design increases the performance of the chair, so that you can use them in both  indoors and outdoors activities.

This is a foldable chair designed with steel, which has an elegant design in it. Further, the steel is polished with chrome plating. This technology adds look and corrosion resistant feature to the product. This chair suits the best for the people of all ages. Even, kids can use this chair as they enjoying jumping in the cushion chairs.

Apart from using at your dorm room, the chair is also perfect for your outdoor spaces, TV rooms, dens etc, the premium quality polyester material makes the product long lasting. As the products come assembled so that you can use the product immediately once arrived.

  • Weather Resistant
  • Polished chrome plating
  • Chrome Finishing
  • Squeaks

Do you want to know more design and models of Saucer chair? Check out the Youtube video below for the complete details.

5. Zinus Vivon Comfort Foam, Contemporary Accent Furniture Chair

The Vivon Comfort Foam, Contemporary Accent Furniture Chair is one among the best dorm chair that ranks fifth in the list. This is a unique, innovative chair that offers an attractive and elegant look to the users. This look is beautiful, and with this, you can easily increase various important functions of the product.

This chair is built with multiple layers of foam lining. The thick foam has a sturdy design, and so they offer complete comfort to the users. The increase in comfort increases various features of the product. Further, the outer lining has a dirt-proof design along with it. Hence, the attractive look of the chair is maintained high for a long time.

Though this is a sleeping chair, it is designed in the form of a cloud. This cloud shape makes the chair attractive and unique. This shape gives an elegant look to your dorm, and so your place looks attractive with this product. The capability of this chair is high and even fat people can use this chair.

The foam used in the dorm chair is conforming and supportive, the product comes with the fabric cover for covering the chair when not in use which is designed to be washable, durable and comfortable. The cloud shape of the dorm chair is one of the unique property, the chair is available in many attractive colors like charcoal, bright blue, black, red etc.

  • Dirt-proof design
  • Multiple layers of foam lining
  • Cloud shape
  • Too Light in weight

6. Mainstays Faux-Fur Saucer Chair

The dorm chair that ranks sixth in the list is the Mainstays Faux-Fur Saucer Chair. It is a saucer chair , which is round is shape. The base of this seat is lowered, and so the comfort offered by this chair is high. Further, this chair is also a cushioned dorm chair that can be used flexibly in all types of environmental situations and conditions.

The important feature of this chair is its frame. The frame of this chair is designed with sturdy, lightweight steel material. This steel is well polished, and this polish offers corrosion resistance technology to the users. Further, the frame of this chair can be folded , when not in use.

This is a cushioned chair designed with high-quality foam. Many users prefer this dorm chair as the increase in foam increases user comfort. Further, this chair is compact, and so it can be used in all types of rooms and places. The base of this chair is made up of 100% polyester material.

The premium quality faux fur materials is perfect for dorms, lounging and other outdoor spaces, the chair is light in weight but capable of holding 225 lbs with ease. The chair is designed to be soft so that you will feel more comfort while using the chair.

  • Well Cushioned Chair
  • Light weight steel
  • Attractive Design
  • Too Small

7. Best Choice Products Fold Down Chair

Best Choice Products Fold Down Chair ranked the next in the list. This is a convertible chair, and you can use this chair both as bed and chair. This chair acts as an ideal choice for the houses with compact space. Using this chair is very simple, and it comes with installation guide.

The entire chair is made up of sturdy dirt proof materials. Hence, the color and look of the chair are high. In addition to this, the thick and dense foam lined within the product makes them more attractive.

As I referred, this chair comes with a simple installation process. It can be converted into bed just by releasing the straps and from bed to chair by connecting the straps. This chair offers excellent comfort to the shoulders too. As this chair is durable, you can use them in various places like in dorms, rooms, halls, etc.

The dorm chair is filled with premium quality foam and covered by a ultrasuede fabric for the longevity, you can adjust the bed position in five different ways so that you can pick the desired position which provides the comfort.

  • Convertible chair
  • Adapt to any room
  • Simple installation
  • Pad is firm

8. J&D Outdoor Depot -Extra Comfort & Sturdy Moon Saucer Chair

The best dorm chair that ranks eighth on the list is the J&D Outdoor Depot-Extra Comfort & Sturdy Moon Saucer Chair. It is an attractive saucer chair , esigned in round shape. The important feature of this chair is its design. There are other various exciting features are also equipped with the seat.

It is a foldable saucer chair designed with high-quality materials. The frame of this chair is made up of steel, and it can be folded when the product is not in use. With the sturdy foldable design , you can use this chair for camping and other applications. The seating of this chair is made up of high-quality foaming materials.

The foam used on the chair offers higher comfort to the people. The use of foam increases various functions of the product.

The chair is smaller in size so that you can store it any compact places, the chair is perfect for any dorms, rooms halls etc. The chair is less in weight but capable of holding up to 250 lbs with ease.

  • Sturdy Base
  • Foldable design
  • High-quality foam
  • Thin padding

9. Giantex Fold Down Chair

The Giantex Fold Down Chair is the next important and useful chair in the list. It is a simple convertible chair that can be used both as bed and chair. Installing this chair is a simple process, and this can be done without the help of tools. Further, this chair has a high-quality design with it.

It is an ultra modern new type of chair that can be used perfectly in all places. As this is new chair, it gives an attractive and elegant look to the users. This chair has a high-quality dirt proof material design in it. This material design offers durability, and so the chair can be used for a long time.

The material used within this chair is thick and dense foam. This foam is capable of adjusting according to your posture, and so comfort offered by the product is high. Assembling this chair is simple, and you can do this quickly with hand. Further, the weight of the chair is less and so you can replace it easily anywhere you need rapidly. 

The dorm chair can be used for multiple places including indoor and outdoor spaces like apartments, living room, garden, patios, lawn etc. The quicker assembly is one advantage of the product, the chair can be folded easily and stored in any compact place.

  • Multi-value Chair
  • Decent color and look
  • Converted as bed, chair, and sofa
  • Take a while to install

10. Merax Adjustable Fabric Folding Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair

The best dorm chair that ranks 10th in the list is Merax Adjustable Fabric Folding Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair. It is a convertible product that can be used both as a sofa and as a bed. When used as a sofa, this chair has the capability to accommodate two people at the same time.

The materials used within this sofa is made up of high-quality materials so that the product can be used for a long time. The foam lining within the product is effective, and this lining adds multiple performances to the users. This foam lining adjusts easily according to your need.

This chair comes with 5 level adjustments function. It mounts perfectly in all these five positions and also provides various adaptive and important functions to the people. The entire product is durable, and it can be used for a long time.

The dorm chair can be used for multi-uses and can be adjusted within lounge, floor sofa, sleepy bed etc for working on laptop, while taking a nap or when watching TV etc. The premium quality fabric material is designed to be soft and navy color attracts the user to get them.

  • Thick padding
  • 5 level adjustments
  • Convertible
  • Uncomfortable with Metal bars

Best Dorm Chair – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to dorm chairs some of the important factors to grab the right product, know the answer for few questions below for the perfect pick.

  • Are they comfortable?
  • Can the dorm chair can be used for multi-purpose?
  • Whether the chair is portable?
  • Is the size you have chosen suits your room perfectly?
  • Whether the chair falls within your budget or expensive?

How to pick up an right dorm chair

Proceed below to find some of the important characteristics you need to check before getting a form chair for your room.


The first thing you should check while buying a dorm chair is the design. Dorm chairs come in different types and in varieties of design. So you should select the best design among them that offers complete comfort to you. Further, you should also have a look that your design is a user-friendly one or not.


The next thing to check in the dorm chair is, the durability of the chair. As there are many types and varieties of chairs, only a few are adapted with a durable design. So choose a dorm chair that has the high durability for your dormitory.


In addition to durability, it is also important to check the quality of the product. The quality of the chairs varies with the design and type of material used. If a chair is built with sturdy materials, then the quality of the chair will be high. The increase in quality ,increases the lifetime of the product.


The size of these chairs varies significantly based on the design of the chair. It is also important to check the size of the chair when you get a one for your dormitory. If you are in a small dorm, then you need to choose a chair that fits your room perfectly. If you are getting a large sized dorm chair for your small dorm , then it would be utter waste of money and also it occupies a huge amount of space.


The next important feature you need to analyze within the product is its cushion. People consider that cushioned chairs offers more comfort than the ordinary dorm chairs without cushion.

Apart from that cushioned chair provides higher comfort to the user when compared to the non cushioned chairs. If you are going to afford a cushioned seat, then you should check the quality of cushion used within the product. The increase in quality increases various functions effectively.

If a dorm chair has all the above features associated within them, you can select those chair for your dormitory without any chaos. For your convenience, we have shortlisted some of the top sellers from the market below.

Best Sellers

ProductOur Ratings 
1Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Stretch Limo Black3.4 Stars Buy on Amazon
2Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair4.6 Stars Buy on Amazon
3Intex Inflatable Empire Chair, 44" X 43" X 27"3.3 Stars Buy on Amazon
4Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair, Black4.4 Stars Buy on Amazon
5Vivon Comfort Foam, Contemporary Accent Furniture Chair for Dorm4.2 Stars Buy on Amazon

Final words

Hope the above buying guide and best picks of dorm chairs helped you in choosing the perfect product for your dorm.

Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on dorm chairs are welcome.

Have you peoples used any of the above dorm chairs for your room? If so, share your experience through the comment section below.

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