Best Bunjo Bungee Chairs of 2018

If you are searching for the best chair that offers great fun & relaxation, bungee chair would be your best bet. Bungee chairs are also called as Bunjo and trampoline chairs. Few call as bungee, bungie, bungo, bunjee and bunji chairs, but they are all referring to the same product.

Here in our website, we offer you a clear cut review of all the latest bungee chairs and also offer you suggestions on choosing one for your home and office.

What is a Bungee chair?

Bungee chair is a chair made up of elastic bungee cords or bands. Apart from the body which is constructed in steel or plastic, the seating area and back rest area is made up of bungee cords. To know more about bungee chair, read this article .

The elastic cushion offered by the bungee cords makes it as one of the most wanted chairs around the world. The ergonomic design offers relaxation for anyone sitting on them.

Features of Bungee Chairs

Have you wondered the people who use bungee chairs in offices sit for a long period of time without any hesitation or back pains?

This is due to the design and mechanism behind the bungee chairs. They are gaps in between every row of the straps in the chair which will help in increasing the airflow. This is the reason they sit for a long period with comfort. They are portable and light in weight too.

The materials used in the chairs leg and other component are plastic and metal, whereas the back portion and the seating area is made of bungee. Other frame constructions are similar to other standard office chairs.

They are popular for their style and the appearance. Most of the companies have already shifted to this bungee chairs from standard chairs as they need to provide full support and comfort for their workers.

How to choose a perfect Bunjo Chair for you?

Before you grab one of the best bungee chair for you, know how to choose a  bunjo chair that will perfectly suit your needs.

  • Check whether the bunjo chair can be adjustable as per your needs.

You are in an office; if your chair is perfect and comfortable then you will be able to sit for long time and work. What if the chair does not have any support or it cannot be adjusted? You will find difficulties in working, you will experience back pains and other health issues.

If you need to raise your seat low or high, the chair must support the feature so that you can be able to sit as per the situation.

  • Check whether the chair has a Lumbar support.

Back Pain can be experienced by anyone if they are not leaning back properly. If the chair has a lumbar support, he/she will be able to sit comfortable and focus on their work.

  • Check for the chair space.

You have sit in a chair freely so that you can feel the comfort while working. What if you are not able to sit in a chair as it has a low or wide space?

  • Know how durable they are.

You are getting a chair today for your office. What if the chair is not even lasting for a year? Waste of time and money, so always choose the best and high quality materials coated bungee chair for your office or own use.

Bungee Chair Brands & Types

Many different brands are offering best bungee chairs for office users. Few of the brands includes Euro Style, Your Zone, Amazon Basic,LAURA, Eight24Hours,Azbro,JOBOON,LEILAN and many more brands are available.

There are many different types of Bunjo Bungee chairs suitable for various places like home, offices, gardens etc. They are also available in different styles, colors and sizes.

Let’s look out all different types of bunjo chairs in detail.

  1.    Office Bungee Chairs
  2.    Oversized Bunjo Chairs
  3.    Kids Bungee Chairs
  4.    Folding Trampoline Chairs
  5.    Home Bungee Chairs
  6.    Camping Bungee Chairs
  7.   Super Bunjo Chairs

Office Bungee Chairs:

There are various bungee chairs that are suitable for office. Though it is entirely your choice to find the one suitable for you, these 3 models listed below are considered as the best bunjo chairs for office.

1.Your Zone Office Trampoline Chair:

Your Zone is one of the leading and the best ergonomic bungee chair used for office purposes. A mesh back is provided for  breathability. The price of this product is affordable.

Their design provide a modern and professional look for the office workers with adjustable settings and a dual wheel castor. They weigh about 23.1 pounds. This is chosen by most of the company for their comfort and their durability. They are available in black color.

2.Euro Style Bungee Office Chair:

Euro Style is best in manufacturing office products. Bungee Office Chairs are  also one among them. This type of bungee chairs can be adjustable and will be a perfect fit for the office workers, they can feel the comfort while they work.

The powder coated steel frame and the foam cover on the top of the frame is an added advantage. They are available with 2 locking position with tilt mechanism. They are expensive, but this is worth the penny spent as it last longer for years. They are available in black/aluminum, red/black and full black.

3.Laura Davidson Bunjo Office Chair:

Bunjo office chair from Laura Davidson comes with a excellent quality and the price of this product is expensive but it’s worth the money you spend for it. They are  available with adjustable fittings, tilt lock mechanism and with a one year warranty.

The sleek design gives the best look for this trampoline chair. This is a 5 star base which is chosen by many of the companies. The arm of the bungee chair can be removed and then fixed as your needs.

Oversized & Super Bunjo Chairs:

Oversized & Super bunjo chairs are made for the person who are large sized and this provides the complete comfort for them with full support and mechanism. They comes in different styles and colors.

1.Northwest Territory Oversized Bungee Chair:

Northwest Territory is one of the quality manufacturer of trampoline chairs. The price range is affordable and they come with a adjustable setting with a tilt locking mechanism. The design look sleek and fashionable.

There is a durable steel frame located in the oversized bunjo chair helps in keeping the constant weight. You can fold this type of oversized bungee chair and keep anywhere in your home or take with you. They weigh about 9.66 pounds and are available in black color.


2.Generic Over sized Trampoline Chairs:

Generic over-sized bunjo chair is affordable and comes with a good quality bungee chair. They are available with over-sized zero gravity with portable comfort. You can lock this chair in any position as you need.

There is an adjustable headrest to comfort yourself or you can use this as a lumbar support. The zero gravity comfort is the added advantage here. They are convenient for the over sized peoples and are portable one. They can bear a weight of 350 pounds providing the full support and comfort for them. They are available in black and blue color.


3.Bunjo Oversized Bungee chair:

The quality of this Bunjo oversized Bungee chair is excellent and they are little bit expensive but worth for the quality and comfort you gain through this trampoline chair.

They have a sleek and a modern design which gives an stylish look for the users. The nylon bungee is the added advantage in this type of oversized bungee chair. You will be able to fold this and store easily in any place. They are available in blue and black color. View it’s amazon listing.

Kids Bungee Chair:

Kids love to have fun in this type of chairs. Considering the key factors most of the brands of the bungee chair started developing trampoline chairs as the kids interest. I have selected the best 3 different brand types of kids bungee chair here.


1.Delta Children Star Wars Teen Bungee Chair:

Kids love to play on this bungee chair due to its comfort and support during the enjoyment. This is perfect for the kids who are above eight years. They are affordable to get it.

They come in adjustable straps os that you can adjust as per your height and needs. Kids love to play, jump and sleep in this type of bunjo chairs. You can fold and carry anywhere you go. They are available in different colours like black, blue, pink and many more. See its price here.

2.Disney Sofia kids Bunjo Chair:

They are affordable and with this disney sofia kids Buno chair, children feel the comfort while they plan or sit in the bungee chair. They are portable so that you can carry with you wherever you travel. You can be able to fold and store in any place as they are compact and sleek in design.

They come with adjustable straps so that you will be able to adjust as you need. This is really fun and bouncy. They are available in pink, blue, red, violet etc. Check out disney sofia here.

3.Marvel Spider Man Bungee Chair:

Marvel products are the excellent manufacturers of kids products. The range of price offered is affordable and of good quality. The spring that sets the children to play, jump, sleep and have fun with this type of trampoline chairs.

They come with adjustable straps to adjust the height and width. You can take this anywhere with you as this is portable. You can use this bungee chair as a all in one bed for your kids. They weigh about 6 pounds and are available in blue, pink, red etc.

Folding Bunjo Chairs:

There is no use if the bunjo chairs comes with no fold. So here i have chosen the best 3 picks of folden Bunjo chairs for your use.

Proceed below to check out the best three different brands of bunjo chairs.

1.Impact Canopy folding Bunjo Chair:

Impact Canopy are affordable and are made of high quality materials for the better performance. They are flexible with lot of comfort in it. They hold up to 225 lbs and comes in different dimensions.

They are convenient, portable and durable. They comes in three colors namely black, yellow and camouflage. Know It’s Price.

2.Caravan Sports Folding Chair:

One of the affordable and best folding chair to buy if you are travelling to many places. They contains a double bungee system that includes a durable textaline fabric with good quality strength steel. They can be folded and taken anywhere you travel.

They are available with adjustable straps to adjust the seat of the trampoline chairs. They are convenient to play and have fun and are available in blue, beige and grey. Visit the official Listing

3.Bunjo Foldable Chair:

This product is round in shape and they are expensive due to the high and durability quality used in the chair but  they are worth the money spent. They are convenient, light in weight and durable. They provide a deep comfort for the users who love to play with.

They can be easily folded and carried with you wherever you go. They are flexible and offers the comfortable sitting for the users even for many hours. Buy This Model From Amazon

Home Bungee Chairs:

How do you select a bungee chair for your home? You just a chair with lot of cushion right? So i have picked some of the bunjo chairs with cushion and perfect for a home. Available in red, black and blue.

Proceed below to check for the best three home trampoline chairs with cushions.

1.ZENITHEN Bungee Chair:

They are round in shape, and are moderate in price when compared to the previous products. They are available in different dimensions, style and colors. They can hold up to 225 lbs and have a built in pocket for storing small devices.

They are convenient, portable and foldable. The adjustable fittings help you to adjust the height as per you need. They are available in teal and black. Tip: Special Offer 4 chairs for low price.

2.Blu Dot Super Bungee Chair:

Blue Dot super bungee chairs are best for their quality materials used in them.  The flexible bungee gives the comfortable supports for the users who are using the super bungee chair. They include a small built in pocket to store small devices inside the chair. They are moderate in their prices.

They can hold up to 225 pounds and are portable. Available in black and blue.

3.Impact Canopies Super Bungee chair

This type of Super Bungee shape are made up of the denier fabric and high strength steel tube frame which gives a comfort feel when you are playing, sitting or jumping on the super bungee chair. They can hold up to 225 lbs and available in different styles. They are moderate in rate.

They has a flexible bungee support for the comfort and are available in different dimensions. They come in different color like camouflage, black and yellow. They are durable, portable and foldable. Buy This Pear Shaped Model.


4.Giantex Home Bunjo Chairs:

High and durability quality used in this type of Bunjo chairs reveals the  expensiveness, but worth the penny spent. They come in various dimensions, available with adjustable straps to adjust the seating arrangement. They can hold upto 246 lbs and are flexible to feel the comfort.

They are convenient, foldable, portable, durable and available in different colors like grey, camouflage. Official Sales Page.

5.College covers home bungee chair:

College covers is one of the best home bungee chair with a cushion support and are moderate in price. They are one type of flexible bunge which gives full comfort for the people. This type of bungee chair holds up to 225 lbs strong and durable.

You can easily fold and keep anywhere in your home and can take again for the later use. They have a screen printed NCAA Licensed logo on their product. They are round and are available in red, blue, black and many colors. Buy This Item from Amazon.

Camping Bungee Chairs:

If you are travelling to some places,and if you need to spend your free time with fun and joy, you can choose the Trampoline chairs as the best option. I have collected few of the camping bungee chairs for you.

1.Arctic Monsoon Camping Bunjo Chair:

Get Arctic Monsoon products if you are ready to go for a camping with your friends or family, they come in moderate rates. They have a Ergonomic design, perfect quality and there is adjustable strap so that you can change the height settings as per your needs ranging the places you travel. They are comfortable when you travel indoor or outdoor.

They are durable and portable as they are less in weight. You can use this camping trampoline chair for various uses like fishing, family outing, boating travelling etc. they are available in different colors like black, blue , red etc.

2.Northwest Territory Camping chair:

Northwest Territory are of high quality and comes in affordable prices. They are available in different styles and shapes. There is a flexible bujo which gives comfort and support during the camping.

They are convenient, comfortable, portable, durable and are used for many different types of camping. Available in many colors.  Buy It Here

3.Coleman smart camping Bungee Chair:

Good quality materials are used in this type of bungee chairs and they come in moderate prices. They has the adjustable straps for adjust the seating arrangements. The flexible bunjo comes with comfort and different styles. They are foldable so you can carry it with you anywhere during the indoor or outdoor camping.

They are portable, durable and convenient to use in any different campin purpose. Available in black and blue.

All the best bunjo bungee chair models have been listed in this page. If you are a new brand and would like us to review your product, contact us to get details of where to ship your product.

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